Laura Brennan, PhD

Laura Brennan, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. A quantitative meta-analysis of olfactory dysfunction in mild cognitive impairment
  2. Systems thinking in 49 communities related to healthy eating, active living, and childhood obesity
  3. Evaluation of Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities
  4. Evaluating the implementation and impact of policy, practice, and environmental changes to prevent childhood obesity in 49 diverse communities
  5. HKHC Community Dashboard: design, development, and function of a Web-based performance monitoring system
  6. Applying amixed-methods evaluation to Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities
  7. Increasing community capacity for participatory evaluation of Healthy eating and active living strategies through direct observations and environmental audits
  8. Using frameworks to diagram value in complex policy and environmental interventions to prevent childhood obesity
  9. Partnership and community capacity characteristics in 49 sites implementing healthy eating and active living interventions
  10. Behavior-over-time graphs: Assessing perceived trends in healthy eating and active living environments and behaviors across 49 Communities
  11. Collaborating to support Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities partnerships
  12. Childhood obesity policy research and practice: Evidence for policy and environmental strategies
  13. Examining the evidence for policy and environmental strategies to prevent childhood obesity in black communities: New directions and next steps
  14. Developing web-based training for public health practitioners: What can we learn from a review of five disciplines?
  15. Active living by design sustainability strategies
  16. Lessons from a mixed-methods approach to evaluating active living by design
  17. Identifying the role of community partnerships in creating change to support active living
  18. Assessment for active living: Harnessing the power of data-driven planning and action
  19. Programs and promotions: Approaches by 25 active living by design partnerships
  20. Evaluation of active living by design: Implementation patterns across communities