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Clinical Translational Research

The College within the College Clinical Translational Research Track (CwiC-CTR) is designed to create the next generation of physician scientists and leaders. Because modern medicine is based on a foundation of science, physician scientists play a key role in translating scientific discovery to the care of patients. Clinician scientists also have a unique role in identifying the clinical practice needs that drive new research. SKMC faculty and students have a long history of conducting research that has a direct impact on the health of patients.

The body of knowledge specific to research is not fully covered in the regular medical curriculum. CwiC-CTR is designed to help students become effective researchers in a systematic fashion. The Program consists of independent, hypothesis-driven research with an advisor, augmented by a program mentor and a curriculum of core research topics. CwiC-CTR will complement, though not replace, existing curricular elements.

Students engaging in the Clinical Translational Research track will be provided tools to facilitate hypothesis-driven independent discovery. Students are expected to present their findings in a regional or national forum. Our goal is to produce students who are not only better consumers of medical evidence, but also generators of new knowledge.

The CwiC-CTR track is ideal for those interested in:

  • Defining the best treatments for patients
  • Advancing scientific knowledge beyond the current limits
  • Pursuing a career in academic medicine
  • Doing clinical research in their future practice
  • Participating in drug development
  • Achieving academic excellence beyond the curriculum

We also offer a Summer Research Program for students who are interested in becoming involved in basic science, translational, clinical or population health research during the summer following their first year in medical college. More detailed information about the program is described in our orientation presentation.

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