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Jefferson Giving Day 2022

 2 min read

I love happy endings. In movies, a happy ending can be the romantic couple finding love against all odds; the underdog prize fighter going the distance; or the superhero arriving in the nick of time to save the day.

At Jefferson, happy endings can mean a student receiving a scholarship to continue their education in order to become a pioneer in business, arts, or industry; a scientist receiving funding for groundbreaking research; or a patient finding a program to enhance their health and wellbeing.  

Those kinds of happy endings require financial support—philanthropic gifts from alumni and benefactors who believe in Jefferson’s mission to improve lives. 

On April 7, we celebrated a happy ending to our third annual Jefferson Giving Day, the 24-hour fundraising event that funds student scholarships, cutting-edge research, and patient, community, and employee programs. Thanks to the generosity of hundreds of Jefferson alumni, students, staff, and friends, we raised almost $2.2 million!

Giving Day isn’t a new concept, but Jefferson gives it a creative twist every year. This year, our theme was “Going to the Movies.” There were on campus and online festivities, entertaining videos that got the Hollywood treatment, and movie-themed snack packs from Wawa. It was fun, it was engaging, and it was successful. And it is the essence of Jefferson. 

We take a creative, innovative approach to everything we do. 

By thinking outside the box, we have reimagined and redefined higher education. We’ve combined medicine with design to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration where medical students work with architects, engineers, and fashion students to design better spaces, utilitarian equipment, and innovative fabrics. We have partnered with universities and institutions across the world to establish a global presence and provide our students with international opportunities for learning. We’ve even gone to space.

Being imaginative and thinking differently are part of our core values. By daring to ask and daring to answer, we have created a university that literally offers our students the world—and beyond. 

Alumni make it all possible. Your generosity ensures big ideas will be supported and revolutionary concepts can become reality.

This year’s Giving Day was the most successful yet. But we’re already looking ahead to next year and how we can make it bigger, better, bolder, and even more successful. Because, after all, who doesn’t love a great sequel?