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The Families We Choose

Alumni Center

We are all part of the Jefferson family, now larger and stronger with our recent combination with Philadelphia University. Today we are a new Thomas Jefferson University, yet as we push forward and create a bold tomorrow, we continue to remember and honor our pasts. In addition to the unique programs, people, and perspectives PhilaU brings to Jefferson, we inherit its rich history and traditions and add them to our own. This is what new families always have done.

The vision of the new Pinizzotto-Ammon Alumni Center is to provide a warm, inviting home away from home for ALL Jefferson alumni. But it also will unite our family and history under one roof, with curated displays of memorabilia that highlight Jefferson’s storied past. Visiting the Alumni Center will be a way to reconnect with your roots and fellow classmates and alumni, strengthening the bond with the University and each other.

Some alumni have taken that bond a little farther, building a Jefferson family in a more literal sense: We know of 21 marriages between MD and PhD alumni and 158 marriages between MD and Nursing alumni, and hope to uncover more. Can even Cupid claim better matchmaking success?

Jefferson also inspires other close connections, such as our legacy families who, generation after generation, reinforce their relationship with the University. Thomas Green, MD ’94, was a double legacy student, the son of a nurse and a physician who met at Jefferson as students. Thomas’ daughter is continuing the family tradition; she recently enrolled in the Postbaccalaureate Pre-Professional Program in Jefferson’s College of Biomedical Sciences. You can read about Brock Bakewell, MD ’84, whose father, grandfather, and some distant relatives on his mother’s side were all alumni—a long line of Jeffersonians that extends to his son, who graduated in May.

Alumni like Thomas and Brock have such a deep affection and affinity for their alma mater that they have been giving back to the University, and in Brock’s case, to the new Alumni Center, which is being made possible by the generosity and vision of alumnae Marie E. Pinizzotto, MD ’88, MBA, and Carol A. Ammon, BSN ’17, MBA.

Enduring and enriching relationships like these remind me that family is more than having a past—it’s about building and sharing a future. Jefferson alumni and its legacy families are as much a part of the University today as they ever were, committed to carrying us forward for many more generations to come.

One of the most exciting features of the Alumni Center will be the Alumni Legacy Wall bearing the names of alumni who have contributed to the Alumni Center campaign. I hope to see many of your names there, forever linking your personal stories to the Jefferson story that we are still writing together.

Elizabeth A. Dale, EdD, MPA
Executive Vice President and
Chief Advancement Officer
Office of Institutional Advancement