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Elizabeth Dale

We improve lives.

At Jefferson, We improve lives is our mission. It’s what we do. It’s why we get out of bed in the morning and come to work.

In a mission statement, one typically considers the verb and its object as defining what the organization stands for and strives to accomplish. But I want to look at the subject: the we. After all, there’s always a we who carries out the mission.

Jefferson is, of course, a big organization. It’s a healthcare enterprise, an academic institution, and a research undertaking. But Jefferson is more than three elements comprising a single organization. Jefferson Health includes the combined hospitals and practices of Abington, Aria, Kennedy and Jefferson. Our university encompasses Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University. And our research initiatives bring together interdisciplinary, cross-professional investigators to make the kinds of breakthroughs that transform our world. We improve lives by reimagining health, education and discovery to create unparalleled value, and we do it for patients, students, their families, the whole community.

The we of Jefferson are collaborators who are thinking differently about a future that starts right now with next-generation clinical care, forward-looking education, and frontier-crossing research that brings the best ideas to people who need them. It starts at the top with our dedicated Board of Trustees and the leadership of our dynamic president and CEO, Stephen Klasko, MD, MBA, and spreads downward to skilled and compassionate physicians and nurses; talented professors and educators; remarkable scientists, scholars and entrepreneurs; and the dedicated staff who support everything Jefferson is about. The Jefferson family is our patients, students, alumni, benefactors, community members, and friends far and wide too.

You can be a part of Jefferson’s mission to improve lives. By making a philanthropic investment, you can help Jefferson heal and promote wellness, train new kinds of leaders for a different kind of future, and advance discovery for a brighter tomorrow. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with me ( or 215-503-5138) to find out how you can join us.

Elizabeth A. Dale, EdD, MPA
Executive Vice President and
Chief Advancement Officer
Office of Institutional Advancement

Elizabeth Dale

Elizabeth traveled to Haiti with the Jefferson Head and Neck Surgery "CHANCE" team. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and lacks many healthcare basics that can be taken for granted. For three years, the CHANCE team has been traveling there to provide complex head and neck care and education, and hope to the people of Haiti.

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  • The Jefferson Legacy
    The last issue of The Bulletin featured a penetrating story about physician burnout. In it, Salvatore Mangione, MD, maintains, “It’s the discipline’s responsibility today to prepare the next generation to hazard their own answers to the riddles of the clinic and life.”

  • The Difference Alumni Make
    As we approach the end of our first year as a new Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University), like many here I have been reflecting deeply on our history and our future-and especially about our alumni and the important roles they play in the Jefferson family.

  • The Families We Choose
    We are all part of the Jefferson family, now larger and stronger with our recent combination with Philadelphia University.

  • Vanquishing Banquo's Ghost
    As a student (and a fan) of Jefferson’s history, I’m fascinated by the formative years of the College. Ours was a completely different approach to establishing a medical school—an exercise in vision, inventiveness, untiring industry and unwavering optimism.

  • Giving Tuesday
    Why Tuesday? Because it follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the start of holiday shopping that leads to the season of giving to family and friends.

  • Opening Doors to Our Next 125 Years of Nursing Education
    Much has changed since the Jefferson College of Nursing opened its doors in 1891, welcoming a mere 13 students in its inaugural class. But much has stayed the same.

  • Alumni Home
    When we started to think about creating an Alumni Center here at Jefferson, we put together a document outlining its purpose.

  • Jeffersonians, Tried & True
    SKMC Alumni Association President Matt Keller, MD ’05, notes insightfully that Jefferson graduates view themselves as more than just people who went to Jefferson; they identify as “Jeffersonians,” inside and out.

  • Gratuitous Students
    The 1824 charter for our medical college states that “10 indigent young men of talents … shall be annually received into the medical school — receive its instructions and be entitled to its honours without any charge.”

  • Leaping
    There’s a wonderfully evocative image on the cover of this issue of the Review: a goldfish leaping out of a little fishbowl and into a bigger one. It represents Jefferson University graduates leaving the more secure world of their alma mater and plunging into the waters of professional practice and American healthcare.

  • Making Big Things Happen
    Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden once remarked, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” Over 12 years, Coach Wooden led his team to a remarkable 10 NCAA national championships—seven of them consecutive.

  • Part of Our Future
    At Jefferson, we are all about the students — present and past: current students and alumni. And just as you’ve kept growing and changing since your graduation, so has your alma mater.

  • Generosity Heals
    Working at Jefferson, you often see people doing impossible things. Like the neurosurgeons who operated on Anne Wilms, delicately removing a tumor from her brain using a procedure that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago.


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