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Part of Our Future



At Jefferson, we are all about the students — present and past: current students and alumni. And just as you’ve kept growing and changing since your graduation, so has your alma mater.

When he first arrived at Jefferson, Dr. Klasko told us that no one could say what the future of health care would look like, but he promised that in five years, Jefferson would not look like it did then. He has been making good on that promise ever since.

Jefferson has a brilliant 190-year history. Medical firsts are part of our DNA. But as great as we are — as great as we’ve been — what we know is that if we keep doing everything the same way, our future isn’t going to be as bright as our past.

Dr. Klasko never tires of pointing out that the “old math” that once supported academic medical centers — NIH funding, clinical reimbursements and tuition — no longer adds up. To the traditional pillars that have long upheld these enterprises — the Academic Pillar of teaching and research, and the Clinical Pillar of patient care — Jefferson has added two more pillars: Innovation and Philanthropy. Going forward, the “new math” will be computed using this unique four-pillar model. Jefferson will seize opportunities, create new ideas and invest in directions that fundamentally transform health care. We are the kind of place that people want to invest in, not because of our distinguished history, but because of our vision and optimism and energy, which enable us to continue making history.

Our alumni are an indispensable part of that equation, and we want to get to know you better and help you to know us. Jefferson’s Office of Institutional Advancement has recruited a new Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations, Cristina Geso, who has more than 27 years of experience creating and leading alumni programs. She is building on Jefferson’s existing programs to strengthen alumni ties, create new pathways for engagement and cultivate strong, lifelong relationships between Jefferson and alumni from all of our schools.

Cristina is working this year to increase by 75 percent the number of alumni events, here on campus and across the country. Expanded offerings will include lifelong-learning and career-development events as well as cultural and social events. Her team is also creating new opportunities for alumni to serve as Jefferson speakers, panelists and mentors as well as leaders on alumni association boards and committees.

Our alumni have many gifts to give; we see it every day in the successful careers you build, in your deep commitment to health science and compassionate care and above all, in the passion and gratitude you show in countless ways for your alma mater. I invite you to send me an email ( or give me a call (215-503-5138). Tell me how Jefferson can reach out to more alumni or how you’d like to be involved. Get in touch with Cristina ( or 215-955-8164) and let her know if you’d like to host an alumni event, what alumni relations programs and services you’d like to see or how you might serve Jefferson. Or come visit our campus in Philly for an alumni event or anytime.

We would love to hear from you. You are not just a part of Jefferson’s past; you are a part of our future. 

Elizabeth A. Dale, EdD
Executive Vice President