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Jefferson Receives $1.5 Million from Six Organizations to Support Cannabis Research & Education



The Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp at Thomas Jefferson University has received a combined $1.5 million in new philanthropic commitments from six Pennsylvania organizations. This support will drive expanded educational initiatives and allow for novel, DEA-approved research aimed at better understanding how cannabinoids may help treat diverse disease states for which the current evidence basis is incomplete, such as chronic pain, seizure disorders, certain types of headaches and sickle cell disease.

“We are recognizing these organizations as our ‘Founding Supporters’, because these gifts are enabling us to build the research infrastructure of The Lambert Center,” said Charles V. Pollack Jr., MA, MD, Director of Jefferson’s Institute of Emerging Health Professions. “We are very grateful for this cascade of generosity. It’s a strong vote of confidence in this unique academic endeavor.” 

The initial six Founding Supporters are: The Tuttleman Family Foundation, PharmaCannis, PA Options for Wellness, Commonwealth Alternative Medicinal Options, Keystone Wellness Research Fund, LLC, and Oha Wellness.

“The Lambert Center is funded entirely through philanthropy, which is why this generous support is so important,” said Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA, president and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. “Our donors are individuals and groups, such as these Founding Supporters, who are passionate about innovatively addressing the clinical, scientific, social, and business issues underlying the regulated use of medicinal cannabis.”

“Jefferson is out front, drawing the map for a new field of health care, and we are excited to be a part of it,” says David Tuttleman, trustee of The Tuttleman Family Foundation. “We view this as an opportunity to make a philanthropic investment that has both a wide impact, namely creating a whole research ecosystem here in Pennsylvania and beyond, and a human touch, too, by supporting work that can help people in serious need.”

“The Lambert Center creates unique value for all stakeholders – patients, providers, educators, and researchers –  within the burgeoning medicinal cannabis space,” said Teddy Scott, PhD, CEO of PharmaCannis. “We are honored for the opportunity to support its efforts."

Launched in May 2016 as part of Jefferson’s Institute of Emerging Health Professions, The Lambert Center was created to fill the large gap in academic leadership within the U.S. in the field of cannabis research. At the heart of the Center is a tripartite mission of conducting rigorous, evidence-based research, educating health and medical professionals as well as the public, and identifying and disseminating best practices in medical cannabis product development and delivery. The Center is the nation’s only comprehensive academic resource in this complex area of health care and social discourse.

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