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Reboot Your Health, Live Your Best Life



Friends and supporters of Jefferson gathered at the The Brazilian Court for Reboot Your Health, Live Your Best Life, a presentation by Dr. Daniel Monti, Senior Vice President and Director of the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health.

The program covered great ideas for optimizing diet and lifestyle as well as managing stress to impact health and longevity. The advice was unique for its use of integrative health principles, which combine the best of evidence-based medicine with holistic and complimentary insights into wellbeing that have been with humanity for millennia.

Following Dr. Monti’s talk, Bernie Marcus, a businessman and healthcare philanthropist, contributed his thoughts on integrative health. The lecture-style presentations were followed by terrific questions addressed to Dr. Stephen Klasko, Dr. Daniel Monti and Dr. George Zabrecky.

Click here to view Dr. Monti’s presentation or read a Palm Beach Daily News article about it here.

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