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Hospitalists Help Heal



Paula L. Stillman, MD, MBA, found out firsthand how beneficial the care of a hospitalist—a doctor who only takes care of patients in the hospital—can be when her husband recently was admitted to Jefferson University Hospital.

Stillman, director of Community Engagement of the Institute of Emerging Health Professions at Jefferson University, says that the hospitalist shortened her husband’s stay by several days by paying keen attention to his care and follow-up.

“Our hospitalist was an incredibly smart, compassionate, caring physician. She immediately called our primary care physician, spoke to him about my husband, and kept him informed throughout the hospitalization. She also visited us several times a day in the hospital and greatly facilitated the workup. She was able to get complex imaging studies done on the weekend and immediately spoke to the radiologist, and was able to see the results as soon as the procedure was completed,” Stillman says.

The hospitalist also communicated with the family and involved them in the decision-making process, and helped schedule follow-up appointments to ensure a continuum of care.

“She even contacted us when we got home to make sure that my husband was OK,” says Stillman, adding, “the care that my husband received should serve as a template for all hospital care.”