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Jeff Burn Center Helps Accident Victim Get Back on His Feet


A workplace accident changed Nick Kisarewich’s life in just a few seconds. A construction worker, he accidentally dumped hot asphalt on himself in October, burying himself in the burning material up to his waist.

Kisarewich was brought to the Jefferson Burn Center in excruciating pain, where he was treated by William Hughes, MD, director of the Burn Center. Hughes took skin from Kisarewich’s stomach and back and grafted it onto his legs.

“When the accident happened I didn’t know if I was going to have my legs, I didn’t know if I was going to have my life, and I just can’t thank them enough,” Kisarewich says.

Finally able to walk again, Kisarewich still has stiffness in his legs, but he is thankful to be alive and hopes to return to his construction job.

Since 1987, the Jefferson Burn Center has been an accredited Level I Regional Resource Trauma Center for Philadelphia and a referral center for multiple suburban communities and trauma centers in the region.

Hughes is a renowned expert in general surgery, critical care, trauma, and burn care. He is a co-author and the editor of The Essential Burn Unit Handbook.