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MATER Helps Moms in Recovery



Jefferson University Hospital’s Maternal Addiction Treatment Education and Research (MATER) program was recently featured in a New York Times Magazine article about mothers trying to overcome substance abuse. Founded in 1973, MATER is one of the oldest drug-treatment centers for pregnant women in America, and is nationally and internationally known for its success with combining mindfulness-based parenting intervention with medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder.

MATER, part of the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and including the departments of Pediatrics and Psychiatry and Human Behavior, provides a multidisciplinary healthcare plan specifically tailored to the patient and family. It offers short-term residential, long-term residential, and outpatient care, including individual, group, and family psychotherapy; psychiatric care; 12-step meetings; mindfulness-based stress reduction; case management (including coordination of prenatal care and pediatric care); parenting education; and child development screening—among many other services.

Mater’s comprehensive care is funded by the city of Philadelphia and is available free to its residents. To view the NTY article, click here.