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Stephen Klasko’s Very Busy Days



As president of Thomas Jefferson University and CEO of Jefferson Health, Stephen Klasko, MD, MBA, is on a mission to reimagine the world. To do that, he starts early… and ends late.

Klasko, 64, is a “disrupter,” but in the best sense of the word.

He took the helm of Jefferson in 2013, and immediately began making a dizzying array of changes that increased the size and scope of the institution by merging with other healthcare systems and a university whose academic strengths aren’t in science and health, but in fashion, design and architecture.

To accomplish everything he wants to accomplish in a 24 hour cycle, he gets up early—before 5 a.m.—and goes for a six-mile treadmill run inside the Center City home he shares with his wife, Colleen Wyse, a former Vogue associate publisher. During the run he thinks—a lot. He thinks about an upcoming merger, the science-fiction writing contest Jefferson has organized, and a new partnership with struggling Cheyney University, a trip he’s making to Rhode Island to meet with a health insurance executive who wants his insight on artificial intelligence, and more.

Then he starts his appointments. Many of them. One right after the other. All geared toward moving Jefferson—and the future of healthcare and education—forward.

For Klasko, there is no such thing as a “typical day,” other than one that is geared toward fundamentally redesigning the human experience.

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