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Fall/Winter 2018


A Series of Fortunate Events

Isidore Rigoutsos is in Athens, sitting in a lecture hall waiting for a physics class to begin. A man walks in and announces that their professor is ill and that he was asked to give a demonstration of a new technology he studied while completing his PhD in France. The substitute rolls in a cart covered in a tangle of wires and topped with a screen. “This is a computer that I built,” he says, and writes “Good morning” on the screen to the amazement of everyone present.


JeffConnect: Leading the Way in Telehealth

More than 75,000 patients tap into Jefferson’s cutting-edge virtual platform. Here’s why.


The Dean's Column
Mark L. Tykocinski, MD

194th Commencement

Class of 2018, on this milestone day—your day—my message to you is “Embrace the unfamiliar.”

Also In This Issue

A Message from Elizabeth Dale: The Jefferson Legacy
The last issue of The Bulletin featured a penetrating story about physician burnout. In it, Salvatore Mangione, MD, maintains, “It’s the discipline’s responsibility today to prepare the next generation to hazard their own answers to the riddles of the clinic and life.”

Alumni Profile: Nicholas J. Ruggiero, II, MD '01
Nicholas J. Ruggiero, II, MD ’01, has been fraternizing with Jefferson alumni since he was a child growing up in West Pittston, Pennsylvania. His father, Nicholas J. Ruggiero, MD ’66, hosted the annual Wyoming Valley Alumni dinners in Wilkes-Barre.

Student Profile: Grace Firestone, Class of 2020 
Grace Firestone was your “average” high school go-getter: a soccer player with Division I aspirations, a student council member, an active participant in club life. She was getting ready for college and what was in store for her—until the day she went to her mother’s bedroom, said “I don’t feel well,” and collapsed. Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) had struck.

Jefferson's History On Display at the Alumni Center 
Although planning for and designing the Marie E. Pinizzotto, MD ’88, MBA and Carol A. Ammon, BSN ’17, MBA Alumni Center began 18 months before its grand opening on May 31, the artifacts housed in the display wall have been waiting in the wings for as many as 200-plus years.