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Anne's Story

Anne Wilms

“My brain tumor was the size of a softball, which sounds so terrifying,” she says. “But the entire staff, Dr. Evans and the nurses were so calm. They never appeared overly concerned and were very positive. It helped me deal with the surgery and really helped my family deal with it.

After she was diagnosed, Mrs. Wilms, of Bryn Mawr, Pa., was referred to James J. Evans, MD and Jefferson’s Minimally Invasive Cranial Base Surgery Center, which offers a treatment alternative for people whose brain tumors historically were inaccessible or required extensive and lengthy operations.

Micro-instrumentation and enhanced computer navigation provide Jefferson surgeons with better visualization and improved access to the tumor. This minimally invasive procedure results in improved resections, the preservation of neurological structures and function, reduced surgical complication rates and reduced postoperative morbidity. Patients can also expect less discomfort, a shorter hospital stay and faster recovery.

“Dr. Evans truly went above and beyond what I had expected,” she says. “He took time to sit with me and my family to explain the process of my care and gave us a presentation on the whole evolution of brain surgery—what it used to be, what it is today and what the hopes are for the future. This was a four- hour conversation that he had with us on a Saturday afternoon during his personal time.”

The surgery went well; she required minimal recovery time with no residual effects. In the three years since her tumor was removed, Mrs. Wilms has been showing her gratitude by supporting the Jefferson.

“My hope for the support I give will be more medical advancements and new procedures that will be far easier for patients and surgeons. I know this is possible because of the research here at Jefferson and the progress they’ve made since I had my surgery,” she says.

Philanthropy is Mrs. Wilms’ way of saying thanks for everything Jefferson has done for her and her family.