Office of Institutional Advancement

Alumni Legacy Wall

Prominently located at the entrance to the Pinizzotto-Ammon Alumni Center, the Alumni Legacy Wall provides a stunning, lasting tribute to the alumni and legacy families who have contributed to the Center.

In recognition of your generosity, we would be honored to include your name and the names of your alumni family members on our high-tech, digital donor wall.

The Alumni Legacy Wall will feature a search function via a touchscreen and responsive LED lights that illuminate the search results, making it simple to find individual donor names, whole families, or members of a particular graduating class.

Giving Levels

  • $2,500 – one name on the wall
  • $5,000 – list on the wall everyone in your family who is a Jefferson graduate
  • $10,000 – includes the benefits of the $5000 level, as well as a photo and text identifying your family on the wall's interactive display

Contact Lisa Repko at 215-955-0437 or for more information.

Alumni Legacy Wall Supporters

Nicholas A. Abidi, MD, ORS 1996
Steven W. Bass, PhD 1970
Moiz M. Carim, MD 1977
Tina DeAngelis, EdD, OTR/L 1997
 Robert J. Diecidue, DMD, MD 1997, MBA, MSPH 2005
Jeffrey S. Driben, MD 1991
Howard E. Greenberg, MD 1992, MBA
Janna L. Harvey 2008
Gregory C. Kane, MD 1987
Matthew Keller, MD 2005
John P. Lubicky, MD 1974
Marc J. Medway, MD 1977
Geno J. Merli, MD 1975
J.C. Noreika, MD 1976
David L. Paskin, MD 1964
Leland Paul Ralph, MD 1927
Michael S. Rosenblatt, MD 1984, MPH, MBA
Norman G. Rosenblum, MD 1978, PhD
Kevin C. Scott, MD 2006
 Maria C. Scott, MD 1987
 Eric B. Smith, MD 2000
  Daniel I. Taub, DDS, MD 2004
Nancy Linsey Wong (formerly Edwards), MD 1971
Joseph Jeffrey Baka, MD 1986
Linda Khalife Baka, DDS 1984
Joseph Baka, MD 1959
Peter R. Bergethon, MD 1983
Elcinda McCrone Bergethon, MD 1983 MS 1977
Michael S. Cahn, MD 1957
Edward L. Cahn, MD 1962
David A. Cahn, MD 1989
Patricia M. Curtin White, MD 1988
Leonard A. Erdman, MD 1950
John P. Erdman, MD 1980
Thomas G. Green, MD 1994
Edward R. Green, MD 1957
Edith J. Green, DN 1958
Glenn David Hamilton, MD 1987
Mary C. Hamilton, MT 1983, RN 1985
Gregory J. Heyt, MD 2002
Christine C. Heyt, MD 2001
Janice A. Dolan, BSN 1985
 Edna W. Hneleski, DN 1958
 Ignatius S. Hneleski Sr., MD 1928
 Ignatius S. Hneleski Jr., MD 1964
Ignatius S. Hneleski III, MD 1992
Clyde H. Ishii, MD 1934
Clyde H. Ishii Jr., MD, FACS 1978
Saskia Andreola Ishii, RN, BSN 1976
Janet B. Leventhal, MD 1979
Gottlieb S. Leventhal, MD 1927
Louis Leventhal, MD 1939
Bernard L. Lopez, MD 1986
Levon N. Nazarian, MD 1992
Matthew N. Nazarian, MD 2017
Andrew A. Pridjian, MD 2013
Robert C. Petrucelli, MD 1981
Robert P. Petrucelli, MD 2002
Janet L. Denny-Petrucelli, MD 2002
George W. O'Brien (Bill), MD 1950 - From his wife, Marcia Raphael
Diana Dickson-Witmer, MD, FACS
 Dennis R. Witmer, MD 1979
Hunter D. D. Witmer, MD 2018
Randolph Wong, MD 1993
Robert Zavod, MD 1963
William A. Zavod, MD 1929
William S. Zavod, MD 1966
Matthew B. Zavod, MD 1999
Jeremie M. Axe, MD 2008
Michael J. Axe, MD 1979
Brock Bakewell, MD 1984
Luther Brock, MD 1852
Hugh Brock, MD 1874
Frank Bakewell Sr., MD 1909
Frank Bakewell Jr., MD 1952
B. Kyle Bakewell, MPH 2017
Daniel J. Cole, MD 1984
Charles E. Cole, MD 1956
Gertrude M. DePalma
Anthony F. DePalma, MD 1929
James L. Gardner III, MD 2002
James L. Gardner, MD 1941
Thomas A. Gardner, MD 1952
James L. Gardner II, MD 1972
Stuart A. Gardner, MD 1979
Thomas W. Gardner, MD 1979
Margaret Delposen, MD 1995
Bruce Jay Gardner, MD 2004
R. Brooke Jeffrey Jr.,  MD 1974
Robert B. Jeffrey, MD 1945
Robert Harrison Jeffrey, MD 1912
Joan Driscoll Kelley, DN 1960
Sherrie Seward Lyon, DN 1975
Freida V. Mosser, DN 1946
Marie E. Pinizzotto, MD 1988, MBA
Carol A. Ammon, BSN 2017, MBA
Herbert A. Rosenthal, MD 1956
Edward B. Ruby, MD 1971
Samuel R. Ruby, MD 1976
Isaac Grafton Sieber, MD 1902
Grafton Fowler Sieber, MD 1957
Adrianne Sieber-Clingan
Navarre Patricia Meadows, BSN 2018
Hudson Demott Fowler, MD (1896)
Kenneth William Sommerville, MD 1976
Timothy Edward Sommerville, MD 2012
Alfred P. Spivack, MD 1954
Michael S. Rosenblatt, MD 1984, MPH, MBA
Alfred A. Rosenblatt, MD 1955
Sidney Rosenblatt, MD 1918
Morton Rosenblatt, MD 1951
Alan Friedman, MD 1972
William J. Antognoli, MD 1961
Steven C. Wing, MD 2001
Sarah E. Deboer, MD 2009
Tamitha Gardner, RN 1994
Jonni S. Moore, PhD 1984