Office of Institutional Advancement

Bringing Radiation Therapy to Haiti


One of the biggest challenges facing Haiti today is its lack of the most basic cancer care; with zero trained oncologists, it lags far behind the rest of the developing world. Many can be cured with a combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy—but the only way they can receive that treatment is by leaving the country, which about only a third of patients can afford.

Haiti is one of the few remaining countries in the world without a single radiation machine. CHANCE is leading a coalition to provide Haiti with its first radiation machine and the infrastructure to support it, which could save 40–60,000 lives a year.

We are committed to bringing affordable radiation therapy services to Haitian cancer patients to significantly improve cancer survivorship. There are many ways for you to support the ongoing efforts of the Coalition for Bringing Radiation Therapy to Haiti.

To learn more and get involved, contact Leigh Weitzmann at 215-503-7604.