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A Message from Ivan Rudolph, MD

Dr. Jonathan Fenkel

Dr. Jonathan Fenkel, Director, Jefferson Hepatitis C Center, Associate Medical Director, Liver Transplant Program

Jefferson’s GI Fellowship program offers an academic environment where students continuously advance themselves. As a physician, you’re committed to learning for the rest of your life. I like to say ‘I’m Ivan Rudolph, and I’m a 17-year fellow.’ Jefferson has a lot to offer in terms of complicated gastroenterology cases. We even had a case of Ascaris in the bile duct, part of the long list of case conferences with fascinating variety! The fellows (and I) would never get that kind of experience elsewhere.

In addition to being surrounded by the best and brightest, which I take as a feather in my cap, I get to see my young fellows grow and succeed both intellectually and academically. To be able to participate in that growth is truly a treat. At one time, Dr. Fenkel, Dr. Civan and Dr. Halegoua-DeMarzio were all of my residents. Now, they’re just outside my door doing amazing work, surpassing my knowledge in the areas I taught them. Their success is my success and it’s ever-rewarding. I’m very happy to be here. This is a blessing for me.

- Ivan Rudolph, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor and Fellowship Mentor and Clinic Director