Office of Institutional Advancement



Together we can do something amazing.

Currently, 80 percent of patients waitlisted for a kidney transplant wait more than five years for a kidney from a donor. With each passing year on dialysis, their chances of survival drop significantly—the five-year survival rate is less than half that of patients who receive a lifesaving transplant. Every day, 12 people die waiting for a kidney.

The Jefferson Transplant Institute’s living donor kidney transplant program, recently renamed the Jefferson Nicoletti Kidney Transplant Center, is highly successful because of our excellent clinical team. In fact, 100 percent of our patients had a one-year success rate for living donor kidney transplantation for the past two years, as compared to 95 percent success nationally. Imagine if we could do more.

The need for an expanded, world-class living donor kidney transplant program is critical. With quicker recovery of organ function, fewer rejections and medications, and elimination of long wait periods for a deceased donation, living donation represents an opportunity to save more lives and improve quality of life for patients and families facing kidney disease. We are establishing new ways to get patients off of lengthy waitlists and on the road to leading longer and happier lives with those who love them.

You can help us. Philanthropy will turn our vision into a reality for patients coming to Jefferson for hope and a new lease on life.

With more than 600 individuals on our waitlist and a stellar reputation that continues to attract new patients, we have an extraordinary opportunity to build a strong donor network. Building this community will boost the number of transplants we can perform at Jefferson and provide care for those critically in need of a second chance.