Office of Institutional Advancement


Jefferson doctors

Recent breakthroughs by SKCC researchers include

  • A cancer vaccine that wipes out metastatic colon cancer in mice models
  • Discovery of a molecule that could stop prostate cancer metastasis before it begins
  • A therapy that targets and disables melanoma cancer cell signals, inhibiting growth and causing cells to die
  • Identification of an approved drug that may prevent development of colorectal cancer in high-risk, obese patients

It is impossible to overstate the difference philanthropy makes in research.

Term funding kick-starts research studies far faster than government funds. A large, permanent endowment for research, too, is a powerful thing. It hastens the pace of discovery and moreover, when physicians know that money is available in perpetuity, they can plan their studies without scaling back or worrying about contingencies.

Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center is unique because our strength is translational research—what moves a lab discovery into a new patient treatment. By making a gift to SKCC, you will have a hand in creating therapies that save lives.