Office of Institutional Advancement


Jefferson Doctors

Society needs a new approach to fighting cancer. You can help us make that happen.

Cure rates have reached a plateau. After an amazing 30 years of progress, success has leveled off. Furthermore, many of the drugs used to treat cancers have not changed in more than a decade. Researchers have discovered better combinations of treatments and improvements in intensity and timing, as well as better supportive care; however, the medications have remained the same.

Fortunately, at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, we are reimagining the way we fight. We do more than treat cancer patients. We provide an integrated approach to oncology, from training the next generation of physician scientists to providing outreach programs for cancer survivors and their families.

We provide the most advanced care, treatments unavailable anywhere else. Through leading-edge clinical trials and conventional cancer treatments, patients, their families and caregivers receive expert, personalized care and services. And increasingly,  it’s being made possible by people like you.

In an era of stagnant federal funding for science programs and medical research, donors are filling the gap. Philanthropists are doing far more than just patching holes in federal funding; they are boldly tackling trailblazing work that is leading to better care, more hope, and even cures.