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Uveal Melanoma Program


The renowned Uveal Melanoma Program at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center (SKCC) of Thomas Jefferson University, led by Takami Sato, MD, PhD, director, sees patients from across the country—and around the world. In addition to pioneering clinical care, researchers at SKCC are at the forefront of discovery to develop new treatments.

You can support the Uveal Melanoma Program by making a gift today through the “Support the Uveal Melanoma” button below, by creating a personal fundraising campaign of your own through Jefferson’s Uveal Melanoma Community Fundraising Program, or contributing directly to other team fundraising pages listed here.

Your support will impact new clinical trials and life-impacting research.

This December, Marlana Orloff, MD, assistant professor of Medical Oncology at Thomas Jefferson University, will begin a two-year phase II trial study targeting uveal melanoma that has spread to the liver.

Another study, led by Andrew Aplin, PhD, associate director of Basic Research and program leader of Cancer Cell Biology and Signaling at SKCC, focuses on what causes some metastasized cancer cells to remain dormant and others to awaken, and whether it is possible to return growing uveal melanoma to a “sleeping” phase.

Other investigations include research into a uveal melanoma vaccine and direct infusion of natural killer (NK) cells into the hepatic artery to kill hepatic tumors—among others.

Our innovative researchers, including David J. Eschelman, MD, and Carin F. Gonsalves, MD, co-directors of the Division of Interventional Radiology, and Robert D. Adamo, MD, are making great progress in the laboratory—but there is much more work to do. Your support today could lead to a cure tomorrow.

Interested in learning more about SKCC’s research and recent media coverage of uveal melanoma? Click here.

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