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Champions of Diversity Award



At Jefferson, we are reimagining diversity and inclusion to promote and cultivate an inclusive environment that celebrates the diversity of our patients, families, students, workforce and the communities we serve. We believe that a diverse and inclusive environment is fundamental to our mission for the advancement of education and health and the achievement of health equity.

At Jefferson, we use the following definitions:

  • Diversity – the richness of human similarities and differences that make up the One Jefferson family.
  • Inclusion – the ability to provide outstanding health care to all people and all communities while giving everyone voice and the opportunity to be valued, respected and supported.

Award Timeframe


The Champions of Diversity award is presented annually for activities completed over the prior year. The nomination window opens in the spring of each calendar year and remains open for approximately two months. The winner will be contacted by Champions of Diversity Committee in the fall.

Criteria and Nomination Guidelines

This award is presented to an individual who can exhibit excellence in living and promoting behaviors that demonstrate diversity, inclusion and cultural competence at Jefferson. This awardee represents openness in thinking and they embrace differences that promote equal opportunity in race, religion, culture, sexual identification and expression, thought processes, etc. This person brings awareness to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and community. Champions of Diversity is an enterprise-wide program that is available to every employee at every Jefferson.

There are two versions of the award – an employee leadership award and a management leadership award. The nomination must demonstrate the nominee’s ongoing dedication to diversity, inclusion and cultural competence at Jefferson, incorporating the below requirements. Please describe how the nominee has met each of the below requirements:

Employee Leadership Award:

  • Demonstrates commitment to Jefferson’s value of “Put People First.”
  • Seeks to learn about the importance of diversity and inclusion.
  • Promotes and develops activities and dialogue that highlight unity and strength in diversity.
  • Supports activities that encourage other to get involved in diversity efforts intra-departmentally and throughout the institution.
  • Demonstrates commitment to the principles of diversity through participation in activities that promote inclusion and respect for diverse racial, cultural and ethnic differences.
  • Promotes understanding of the Jefferson’s cultural competence goals.
  • Consistently demonstrates excellence in Jefferson’s performance standards.
  • Employed at Jefferson at least three years.

Management Leadership Award

  • Consistently sets a positive example of promoting diversity in both actions and words.
  • Supports an institution-wide examination of policies, philosophies, initiatives, individual attitudes and behaviors to become more aligned with principles of diversity and inclusion.
  • Takes corrective action, when necessary.
  • Promotes and encourages inclusion as a means to eliminate discrimination and promote diversity utilizing internal and external communication.
  • Is committed to developing programs and services for the community that foster empowerment and improved access to quality health care for the disadvantaged and underserved groups within our service area.
  • Promotes and supports hospital services that provide equitable care and treatment across diverse populations.
  • Takes an active role in educating employees/students/medical staff through programs that promote inclusion and appreciation of diversity.

Reward Type

Winners will receive a digital badge of honor on the enterprise employee portal, myJeffHub, and will also be publicized on the platform and their respective entity intranets. Winners will also be invited to an annual awards event to celebrate all Jefferson Heroes.

Contact the Enterprise Diversity and Inclusion Office with questions.