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Space Management &
Room Reservations

Space Management & Room Reservations (SMRR) is responsible for scheduling events and classes in 84 individual spaces on campus. Most of these are academic spaces and are used for events that support the academic mission of Jefferson University. SMRR is involved in course scheduling in conjunction with the University Registrars. When academic needs have been met SMRR works with operational departments to accommodate non-academic events.

Please click on the links to the right to access helpful documents or use the drop down menu under “Room Reservations” to the left in order to navigate this page by topic.  If you are new to the room reservation process please start by reading through the “Room Reservation Guidelines” page.

This site contains:

  • Announcements 
  • Protocols & policies used by SMRR to ensure fair and efficient use of space on campus.
  • Reference materials to help users navigate the room reservation process.
  • Link to the room reservations self-service portal; EMS Web App

Questions regarding space management and room reservations should be directed to