Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Room Use Etiquette

As members of the Jefferson community and users of university space all event organizers and attendees are expected to maintain a professional demeanor when on campus and when interacting with others. Additionally, it is expected of everyone to maintain the cleanliness and order of each of these spaces. We ask that you leave the room as you had found it. Multiple offenses to this policy by any group as outlined in our protocol will prevent that group from using space in the future. The space managed by SMRR is shared space and the actions of one individual or group can impact many others. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure proper use of space.

  • Prior to start of event:
    • Use the EMS Web App to ensure the room you need is reserved. You can check the web app to track the status of your request.
    • Use the EMS Web App to reserve AV, custodial and security services within each department’s timeframe.
    • Refer to latest room confirmation to remind yourself of when the room is available for setup and breakdown.
  • At the start of the event:
    • If another group is using the room right before you.
      •  Please wait until your start time before attempting to enter the space.
      • Please be respectful and keep conversations at a low volume and to a minimum if waiting in corridor right outside of room.
    • Check to ensure the services you requested are delivered and contact the appropriate department if there is a lapse in service.
  • At the end of an event:
    • Gather all trash and dispose of it in the correct receptacle. If there is more than you anticipated please contact custodial services.
    • Start wrapping up your event/presentation 10 mins prior to the event end time so that any event scheduled immediately after can being on time. 
    • Leave the room in a usable condition with tables and chairs in good order.
  • If another group is occupying the space you have reserved…
    • First, ensure you have the correct room and time. Meeting times and room locations can be verified through the EMS Web App, on the University Calendar, on your room confirmation, on the messaging screens in most building lobbies or by the security officer stationed at the building entrance.
    • If you are certain you have the correct location and time please wait until the listed start time to attempt to enter the room.
    • Respectfully inform the other group that you have that space reserved.
    • If they refuse to leave, please obtain the name of the instructor/presenter, class name and department/academic program.
      • If this happens M-F 8:30a-4p please reach out to SMRR (; ext. 5.8603). We will be able to reach out to the other group to resolve any confusion that may exist on their end.
      • If this happens after 4pm or on the weekend, please verify this information with the security guard posted at the lobby desk. They will be able to sort out some of the event conflicts. After they are able to help you, please email regarding this incident and we can investigate the source of confusion.