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Pre-Matriculation Requirements for Accepted Students - Jefferson College of Pharmacy

Congratulations on your offer of admission!

Please review the requirements and information listed below before you start your classes. Failure to complete the prerequisite requirements will result in denied access to Blackboard/Banner on the first day of class. If you have any questions about completing these requirements, please contact the Office of Admissions at 215-503-8890.

Please use the following information as a checklist to keep track of your requirements as you complete them. We’ve arranged the following tasks by when they require completion in order to ensure you get everything completed on time.

Confirm Your Enrollment

Due Date:  Listed on acceptance letter

To confirm your enrollment please follow the steps outlined below.

You will receive 2 emails from within 24 hours of your acceptance.  The first will contain your Banner ID and log-in instructions.  The second will be your PIN. 

  • Once you received your login information go to:
  • Enter your Banner ID and PIN
  • Select the link:  Confirm Your Enrollment and follow the instructions
  • Return your technical standards sign-off and prerequisite agreement (if listed in your acceptance letter) via the instructions in your original acceptance email
  • Part of confirming your enrollment is ensuring the University has the necessary information for you to receive Financial Aid, complete the pre-matriculation process and receive your campus key which is needed to access campus technology.  If you are missing this information, please click on the “Submit Your Missing Information” link and follow the instructions.
  • If you do not have a Social Security number, please contact the Office of Admissions at or 215-503-8890.

Prerequisite Agreement

Due Date: 1st Day of Classes

Students who received a prerequisite agreement in their acceptance letter must complete this requirement. If an agreement form was not included in the acceptance letter, this requirement is waived.

  • Submission of your enrollment deposit confirms you have read and understand your prerequisite agreement.
  • Complete all of the prerequisite credits/requirements prior to enrollment.

Update Your Contact Information

Due Date:  August 1

Per University policy, ALL students must update their HOME and LOCAL ADDRESSES, as well as EMERGENCY CONTACT information every semester for which they are registered.

To do so, log on to Banner Web and click on the Personal Information link.

Check Your Jefferson Email

Once you confirm your enrollment, the Academic Service Offices, including Financial Aid, will communicate with you via your Jefferson email address. Check your email with regularity at

Submit Medical Records

Start Date: January 1
Due Date: Submissions of Medical Records by July 1

Confirmation of "Compliance" due by August 1

Before beginning the process to submit your medical records, please read the student cover letter from Dr. Ellen O’Connor, Medical Director of Occupational Health Network, located on the Occupational Health Network (OHN) website.

Step 1. Pharmacy students MUST provide documentation to fulfill Category B. Requirements and the physical evaluation form for pharmacy students may be found on the Occupational Health Network (OHN) website.

If you are a current Jefferson Employee, you must visit OHN and update your records.

Questions may be addressed by phone to UHS at (215)955-6835 or by email to

Step 2. ALL documents and information must be uploaded into Complio [a system powered by American DataBank (ADB)]. Directions for establishing an account are located on the Occupational Health Network (OHN) website.

  • Please note that you MUST use your Jefferson email and all updates to your file must be uploaded into Complio.
  • ADB and OHN will review the forms, and students will receive correspondence regarding outstanding or insufficient requirements.
    It’s the student’s responsibility to verify that the forms have been reviewed and approved.
  • If the forms have been accepted and are considered complete, the ADB Complio System reads “School Approved.”
  • Jefferson College of Pharmacy students should submit all documents requested in Category B by July 1. This will allow OHN time to process and communicate next steps, allowing you time to complete this requirement by the first day of class. 

Step 3. Status Updates – Students are responsible to routinely check for communication from Complio / OHN regarding compliance status. Completion is achieved when your status reads “COMPLIANT or School Approved.”


Start Date: May 1
Due Date:  July 1

This requirement has a 1 year expiration and MUST be valid through May 2019. Therefore this requirement should not be started prior to May 1. 

Click here to access the Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance online application. Complete only the Child Abuse Clearance, not the PA State Police Criminal Record Check.

Completion of this requirement occurs when the report indicates “No Record Exists" and an official document is received by Thomas Jefferson University. When you receive the report, forward the PDF to

Students are encouraged to retain the original copy of the certificate in a location they may readily access. Experiential training sites frequently ask for this verification when starting a rotation.  


Start Date: January 1
Due Date:  July 1

This requirement has a 1 year expiration and MUST be valid through 2019. Therefore this requirement should not be started prior to January 1. 

  • Criminal Background checks for Jefferson College of Pharmacy are completed via Certiphi.  You will receive an email from Certiphi with the appropriate link to complete the Criminal Background Check after your initial offer of acceptance from Jefferson College of Pharmacy.
  • Once completed, Certiphi will notify Jefferson College of Pharmacy with the results of your Criminal Background Check.
  • Students should save a copy of the report as a PDF and retain in a readily accessible location.  Experiential sites may request review of the report when starting a rotation.



Start Date: July 1
Due Date:  August 1


Due Date:  By first day of class


Start Date: June 1
Due Date:  July 1


Date: July, TBD

You’ll receive an Orientation packet approximately one month prior to your scheduled date.

Attendance is mandatory, so do not forget to register.


Welcome Day is where you learn the policies, procedures, and standards of Jefferson College of Pharmacy program, is a required component to starting your education at Jefferson. 

The event requires full attendance and will take place on the Thomas Jefferson University campus. 


Spring course transcripts are due June 1.

Summer course transcripts are due no later than 3 weeks after course completion.

At the completion of all outstanding prerequisites, have an official transcript mailed to:

Thomas Jefferson University
Office of Admissions 
130 South 9th Street, Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19107

You may also send official electronic transcripts via email to