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Requirements for Accepted Students - College of Health Professions

Congratulations on your acceptance to Jefferson!

Please review the requirements and information listed below before you start your classes. Failure to complete the prerequisite requirements will result in denied access to Blackboard/Banner on the first day of class. If you have any questions about completing these requirements, please contact the Admissions Office at 215-503-8890.

Please use the following information as a checklist to keep track of your requirements as you complete them. We’ve arranged the following tasks by when they require completion in order to ensure you get everything completed on time.

Watch the video above for details about New Student Requirements for PA students entering Jefferson in 2018.

You need to:


Due Date:  Listed on acceptance letter

To confirm your enrollment please follow the steps outlined below.

You will receive 2 emails from within 24 hours of your acceptance.  The first will contain your Banner ID and log-in instructions.  The second will be your PIN. 

  • Select the link:  Confirm Your Enrollment and follow the instructions
  • Part of confirming your enrollment is ensuring the University has the necessary information for you to receive Financial Aid, complete the pre-matriculation process and receive your campus key which is needed to access campus technology.  If you are missing this information, please click on the “Submit Your Missing Information” link and follow the instructions.
  • If you do not have a Social Security number, please contact the Admissions Office at or 215-503-8890.


Due Date:  1st Day of Classes

Students who received a prerequisite agreement in their acceptance letter must complete this requirement. If an agreement form was not included in the acceptance letter, this requirement is waived.

  • Submission of your enrollment deposit confirms you have read and understand your prerequisite agreement.
  • Complete all of the prerequisite credits/requirements prior to enrollment.


It’s important all students review and update their HOME and LOCAL ADDRESSES, as well as EMERGENCY CONTACT information on a regular basis.

To do so, log on to Banner Web and click on the Personal Information link.



Once you confirm your enrollment, the Academic Service Offices, including Financial Aid, will communicate with you via your Jefferson email address. Check your email with regularity at


Start Date: January 1st
Due Date:  April 30th

Begin this process early since it may take up to 8 weeks to complete.

Health requirements and forms can be found here at the University Health Services (UHS) website. Physician Assistant students are in Category B for health requirements.

To complete the health requirements:

  • Print Category B documents and take to your physician.
  • To submit your documents, enroll with American DataBank’s (ADB) Complio System, a company contracted by University Health Services, for a $30 annual subscription fee. ADB is a compliance tracking system where you will load your completed documents.
  • You are expected to use your Jefferson email account when enrolling in ADB.
  • Upload the completed health records into the American DataBank (ADB) Complio System.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the forms have been reviewed and approved.
  • If the forms have been accepted and are considered complete, the ADB Complio System reads “School Approved.”

Questions may be addressed by phone to UHS at 215-955-6835 or by email to

If you are a current Jefferson Employee, you must visit UHS and update your records.


Start Date: January 1st
Due Date: April 30th

Begin this process as early as possible, but no earlier than January 1st.

Clinical Clearances Include:

  • Criminal Background Check
  • FBI Fingerprints
  • PA Child Abuse Clearance
  • Drug Test
  • CPR

Students must complete these clearances annually.

The Physician Assistant Department has partnered with Complio/American DataBank to support you in completing all of your clinical clearances with the exception of the CPR Certification. Below are instructions to complete the clearances:

Step 1: Create your Complio/American DataBank Account

This account is DIFFERENT than the account you are creating in Complio/American DataBank for your medical records. Please be sure to use the link above to create your clinical clearances account.

Step 2: Create Order/Select Packages

  • Once your account is created, click on the shopping cart icon on the upper right hand side of the page that says “Place Order”  
  • The cost for ordering your clinical requirements package is $107. Other fees may apply for completing your fingerprints, etc.
  • Enter Identifying Information:

    School: Jefferson University Health Professions
    Department/Program Name: Physician Assistant
    Start Term: Pre-Fall 2018

  • Select package titled "Criminal Background Check" for Drug Screening, Background Check, Fingerprinting, and Child Abuse Clearance
  • Select package titled "CPR Tracking" underneath the Administrative Package(s) heading to upload CPR certificates

Complio/American DataBank will facilitate each of these requirements with you. They will act as a repository for your results and you should forward results and/or reports directly to Complio/American DataBank. Do not send any results to Jefferson. Once each requirement is fulfilled, Complio/American DataBank will notify Jefferson by email that the process has been completed, and whether the result is clear or requires further review. Jefferson will advise the clinical sites where you are placed of the completion and corresponding designation. You should retain a copy of each of your reports as the clinical site may request that you submit a copy at the time of placement.

You must go to the Complio/American DataBank site and process the following five (5) items as outlined below:

  • Criminal background check – Follow instructions on the Complio/American DataBank site.
  • PA Child Abuse Clearance - The child abuse clearance form is processed by the student directly, Complio/American DataBank will provide you instructions. The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare charges a separate fee that is not included in the Complio/American DataBank package price. The results will be sent directly to you. Once you have received the results you must provide a copy to Complio/American DataBank. Do not complete a Delaware Child Abuse Clearance unless instructed specifically by the Physician Assistant Program to do so.
  • Drug Test – Follow instructions on the Complio/American DataBank site.
  • FBI Fingerprinting – Follow instructions on the Complio/American DataBank site.
  • CPR – Follow instructions on the Complio/American DataBank site.

If you have questions with the on-line system, or if after the process is complete you have follow-up questions or feel there is a discrepancy in the report, you may contact Complio/American DataBank at  1-800-200-0853.

Please Note:

An adverse PA Child Abuse Clearance will result in your inability to be placed at a clinical site and consequently you would be unable to graduate from your program. Thus, if you receive an adverse result on the Child Abuse Clearance, your offer of acceptance to Jefferson will be rescinded.

An adverse Criminal Background Check, Drug Test and/or FBI Fingerprinting report may result in your offer of acceptance to Jefferson being rescinded or your inability to be placed at a clinical site. Clinical rotation and field work placements may be denied by an assigned clinical site due to felony or misdemeanor convictions, a positive drug test and/or other adverse findings, and the inability to be placed at a clinical site will prohibit you from graduating. In these situations your offer of acceptance to Jefferson may be rescinded.

All Physician Assistant students are required to submit all clearances.  You must complete the process as outlined even if you have previously done a criminal background check, PA child abuse clearance, drug test or FBI fingerprinting with another agency or for other purposes. There are no exemptions or exceptions.


Start Date: April 1st
Due Date: April 30th

All matriculated students must maintain health insurance (Dental insurance is optional).

Student needs to complete the process of either waiving or accepting Jefferson’s Health Insurance plan, online, at

Instructions to complete the process are available at:



Start Date: April 1st
Due Date: April 30th


You’ll receive an Orientation packet approximately one month prior to your scheduled date.

Attendance is mandatory, so do not forget to register.

View Orientation dates here.

View Orietation FAQs here.


This program is coordinated through the individual academic areas. Please contact your academic department or College for information about the date and location of the event.  

The Department Orientation, where you learn the policies, procedures, and standards of your program, is a required component to starting your education at Jefferson. 


Due Date: May 31st

At the completion of all outstanding prerequisites, have an official transcript mailed to:

Office of Admissions 
130 South 9th Street, Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19107