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Technical Skills Seminar Series

JPA Technical Skills Seminar Series (TSSS)

The TSSS is a seminar series aimed to provide a technical update on a range of molecular, cellular and biotechnology (and much more!) approaches to the research community at Jefferson. In addition, an opportunity is provided for discussions between postdocs and other experts around science topics.

Seminars are held once a month on Tuesday, unless otherwise indicated.

May 2018 TSSS Dates

Date : Tuesday, May, 8th 2018
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 PM
Location: Hamilton Building, Room 208

DNAage :  An Epigenetic Clock to Quantify the Aging Process & Advance Longevity Research

Speaker: Keith Booher, PhD
Service Projects Manager, Zymo Research Corp.

Past TSSS Events

JPA has hosted monthly technical seminars for quite a few years on a variety of topics:

  • Breeding, Colony Management and Troubleshooting: "Best Practices to Maximize Production and Problem Solve"   
  • RNAscope Technology and BaseScope Assay: in situ analysis of Gene Expression
  • 3-D Bioprinting and its Applications, Allevi
  • Tools to unravel the complexity of epigenetics-Diagenode (Epigenetics)
  • XF Assays: Tools for Determining Cellular Metabolic Function- Aligent
  • From Sample to Library Prep: QIAGEN solutions for robust, gel-free miRNA NGS library prep from serum and plasma- QIAGEN
  • Simple Western and Milo for protein analysis- Protein Simple

Contact Us

Dr. Megha Verma
VP of Career Development

Megha is working for the postdoc community and is pleased to accommodate any specific request for future Technical Skills Seminars. Interested to learn a specific skill or a new technology? Please contact Megha at to explore and expand our future guest list for the TSSS.