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Diversity at Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Diversity is the richness of human differences.  It is one of the foundational enablers in Thomas Jefferson University’s Blueprint for Strategic Action, and is incorporated into the behaviors that support our core values. Inclusion is the active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity. At the Sidney Kimmel Medical College (SKMC) at Thomas Jefferson University, we promote and cultivate an inclusive environment that embraces and celebrates the diversity of our people. SKMC believes that a diverse and inclusive environment is key to achieving excellence in our missions of patient care, education, and research.  We believe that our mission and values will create and nurture the physicians who provide compassionate and culturally-sensitive care to the diverse patient population that they serve.

LopezBernard L. Lopez, MD, MS, CPE
Associate Provost for
Diversity & Inclusion, TJU
Associate Dean for Diversity and Community Engagement
Professor of Emergency Medicine

Jefferson's Commitment to Diversity

Thomas Jefferson University has a long and proud history in contributing to the national healthcare workforce. It aspires to create a diverse and inclusive environment, knowing that the creative energy and innovative insights that result from diversity are vital for the intellectual rigor and social fabric of the University and is requisite for a highly effective healthcare workforce of the future. As a scholarly community, the University welcomes people of all racial, ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, national and international backgrounds, diversity of thought, pedagogy, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender/gender identity, political affiliation and disability.