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Director's Message

Charles V Pollack

Charles V. Pollack, MA, MD, FACEP, FAAEM, FAHA, FESC, FCPP
Director, Jefferson Institute of Emerging Health Professions

Healthcare is evolving rapidly.  Some aspects of its ultimate destination are predictable, while some are completely unknown.  What is known with certainty is that our professional education and personal experiences, no matter how recent, have likely not prepared us for the changes that are coming.  Patients and their caregivers have the right to demand more of the healthcare system—more options, more empowerment, more involvement, more access.  The IEHP aims to provide a pathway, step by step, to acknowledge and meet those demands.

In the IEHP we view ourselves as “education entrepreneurs.”  We are not restrained to addressing the status quo.  We are not limited by what is yet unknown about the future of healthcare.  We recognize that we have to do some things differently from “the way we were taught to do that.”  We combine and harness the intellect and experience of a talented group of healthcare providers, educators, and administrators, along with leaders from outside the healthcare industry, to envision and then provide education to prepare us for healthcare and related demands of three, five, seven, perhaps even ten years from now.  In that regard IEHP is a think tank, a crystal ball, and a resource for molding that future.

In that coming time we will need clinicians who are better equipped to care for an aging population.  We will need providers whose practice is not constrained by an office or a hospital.  We will need experts in safely optimizing pain control.  We will need clinicians and support personnel who are comfortable navigating an increasingly complex virtual environment for managing sensitive personal health information in a secure and productive way.  Likewise we need to learn how to harness (and sometimes create!) aggregated medical data to improve the care of individual patients.  We will need compassionate, engaged, well-trained “ombudsmen” to be valuable and reliable resources to patients living in underserved and disadvantaged communities. We will need architects and builders who know how to develop living and healthcare spaces for a population with changing needs and expectations. We simply cannot address such a variety of emerging issues with the old methods of education and outreach.  At IEHP, we are dedicated to defining, and then providing training to meet, these needs.

Please visit this page often to peruse the breadth and depth of our offerings through this Institute—the first of its kind in the United States.  Give us feedback on what we are doing, and share with us your ideas for innovative education.  Share with us your vision of the types of jobs and issues that are “emerging” in healthcare.  Every perspective is valuable!  Come and be entrepreneurial with us.  The future of healthcare in the United States—even just over the next few years—is not for the unprepared or for the fainthearted!

Charles V. Pollack, MA, MD, FACEP, FAAEM, FAHA, FESC, FCPP
Jefferson Institute of Emerging Health Professions
Thomas Jefferson University