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Welcome to The Lambert Center

Lambert Center

Welcome to The Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp, in the Institute of Emerging Health Professions at Thomas Jefferson University. Our goals are to (1) provide expert-developed, unbiased information to clinicians and patients about the medical uses of marijuana, hemp extract, and other cannabinoid-focused therapies, (2) conduct research and serve as a networking nidus for multicenter, multinational research to evaluate and elevate the evidence basis for cannabinoid therapy in multiple medical conditions, and (3) provide best support for the development of entrepreneurial and socially responsible business and clinical approaches within the emerging medical cannabis industry and (4) explore and develop new ways to use hemp in medical, industrial, and consumer products.

We have recruited an internationally renowned Steering Committee to lead the Center's academic programs, and an illustrious board of entrepreneurs and thought leaders to our business and social impact focused projects and research.

Jefferson is the first major health sciences university in the United States to provide a comprehensive academic resource for the medicinal application and business of cannabis and hemp, in keeping with its nearly 200-year history of innovation in science and medical education. Please check back often as our various initiatives are announced on this site.

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Director of the Lambert Center, Dr. Pollack weighs in this Rolling Stone article about the international impact of medical cannabis. 
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Our mission at The Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp is to advance the scientific basis, research efforts, educational opportunities, positive social impact opportunities, and patient experience associated with the clinical use of cannabis-derived medicinal therapies.  We also strive to develop new and innovative hemp-based technologies in the medical and industrial spaces.

Your tax-deductible contribution will help support groundbreaking, unbiased medical cannabis research.


We provide accredited continuing professional education for physicians and pharmacists regarding the potential uses of medicinal cannabis. Many states, including Pennsylvania, require healthcare professionals to receive such education before recommending medicinal cannabis products or addressing patient needs in a registered dispensing facility.

All certified programs are designed to meet the continuing education needs of healthcare professionals as the use of medical cannabis expands. Lambert Center programs present valid, balanced, and objective content that reflects the scientific standards of academic medicine. Jefferson, as a nationally recognized provider of continuing professional education for physicians and pharmacists, develops these programs in accord with the requirements and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Education (ACCME) and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

Play the video above to learn about the Pennsylvania Department of Health-approved, Jefferson-accredited 4-hour continuing education course for PA health professionals. Register here to take the course.

Current offerings

Our certificates are offered in partnership with the Center for Forensic Science Research & Education.  For over twenty years the Center has been at the forefront of the forensic community, providing novel developments in research, training and education in the forensic sciences.  Their internationally recognized staff have partnered with the Lambert Center and Thomas Jefferson University to provide an unparalleled learning experience in this emerging field. Learn more about their systems for the early identification and notification of Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) in the drug supply in the United States.   

We believe that expert, patient-focused pharmacists will play a critical role in future dispensing of medical cannabis products. Jefferson’s Center provides valuable resources and leadership to help create this new class of professionals.

- Patricia A. Epple, CEO, Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association


Our Steering Committee, comprised of national and international experts in the field of medical cannabis, provides a unique level of academic and scientific leadership. The committee intends to initially publish a comprehensive white paper documenting the current disease state-specific status of cannabis research. Within each recognized “indication”, a prioritized research agenda will be established to guide researchers and funders. On Jefferson University’s East Falls campus, we conduct cutting-edge and unique research into medical and industrial uses of hemp plant components and derivatives.

We will also collaborate with other research institutions around the world to establish clinical and industrialmedicinal research agendas. We will also use a web-based platform to capture both physician-entered and patient-entered data on the indication, dosing, use, efficacy, and adverse effects of medical cannabis.

Jefferson’s Center will fill the gap and provide much needed comprehensive institutional leadership in medical cannabis education and clinical research. I am pleased to be part of the effort.

- Donald Abrams, MD, Chief of Hematology-Oncology, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

Jefferson is a leader in innovation, and the launch of The Lambert Center signals the institution’s dedication to embrace the ever-evolving nature of healthcare. Understanding and researching new cutting-edge methods for the treatment of disease is a fundamental goal, and Jefferson is proud to be among the first of its kind to offer resources and support for the revolutionary expansion for medicinal marijuana and cannabinoid-based therapies.

- Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA, President & CEO, Thomas Jefferson University; CEO, Jefferson Health