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Department of Occupational Therapy

Meet Our Alumni

Get to know our alumni as they share their personal experiences of life at Thomas Jefferson University and in their healthcare careers.

Occupational Therapy

Michelle Barr, BS '03, MS '04


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) | Occupational Therapist
Philadelphia, PA

Thomas Jefferson University gave me a strong basis of knowledge in many treatment areas, including non-traditional areas such as clinics. Thomas Jefferson University helps you to think beyond traditional occupational therapy roles, to be open to new opportunities and to get involved in innovative areas. 

Teal Benevides, MS '04


Jefferson College of Health Professions | Full-Time Faculty, 
Department of Occupational Therapy 

Philadelphia, PA

Thomas Jefferson University values professional leadership and encourages students to get involved in community-based projects and professional associations like the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). 

Marlene Weiner, BS '95


Thomas Jefferson University’s reputation and high standing in the healthcare field attracts the very best faculty.  Exceptional faculty, along with cutting edge technology and resources, sets Thomas Jefferson University apart from other healthcare schools in the area.