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Thomas Jefferson University & Magee Rehabilitation Hospital Neurologic Residency

Program Length

15 Months

The Neurologic Residency Program

The Thomas Jefferson University and Magee Rehabilitation Hospital Neurologic Residency program is a post-professional clinical and didactic education program, designed to significantly advance the physical therapist resident’s preparation as a practitioner of choice in the field of neurologic physical therapy. The program combines opportunities for ongoing clinical mentoring with a scientific basis for advanced practice. At the end of the experience, the resident will be academically and clinically prepared to pass the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialist (ABPTS) Neurologic Clinical Specialist Examination. Applicants must be a graduate of an accredited DPT program and hold a current license in Pennsylvania, and be eligible for licensure in New Jersey.  

Neurologic Residency

Our Mission

The Mission of the Thomas Jefferson University and Magee Rehabilitation Hospital Neurologic Residency program is to develop practitioners of choice who are specialists in the field of Neurologic physical therapy to meet the needs of society. The Residency Program will develop expert clinicians with advanced clinical skills in critical and innovative thinking as well as patient-centered, evidence-based, and autonomous practice. Graduates will exemplify professionalism, compassion, accountability, altruism, integrity, ethical conduct, and social responsibility and will contribute to the profession and to health care through their leadership, clinical excellence, teaching, consultative activities, and pursuit of scholarship and lifelong learning.

Program Goals

Graduates of the Neurologic Residency Program will:

  1. Perform advanced patient examinations, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis and intervention consistent with the description of specialty practice in neurologic physical therapy.
  2. Demonstrate advanced clinical decision making skills in patients with neurologic disorders.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to discuss and debate pertinent issues in physical therapy with the emphasis on neurology.
  4. Advocate for individuals with disability due to neurologic injury with respect to health promotion and wellness and issues related to public health and disease/ injury prevention.
  5. Provide evidence-based, comprehensive, skilled physical therapy services that explore all areas of the neurologic DSP.
  6. Demonstrate competence in a variety of neurologic settings to enhance clinical skills in neurologic examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, intervention and outcome assessment across the continuum of care.
Magee Rehabilitation Hospital

Magee Rehabilitation Hospital

Magee Rehabilitation Hospital Magee has been leading the way in innovative techniques and rehabilitation therapy from the very beginning. Upon her death in 1923, Anna Justina Magee honored her parents by establishing Magee Rehabilitation hospital in their memory.

Thomas Jefferson Hospital

Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health are partners in providing excellent clinical and compassionate care for our patients in the Philadelphia region, educating the health professionals of tomorrow in a variety of disciplines and discovering new knowledge that will define the future of clinical care.

Contact Us

Inquiries should be addressed to:
Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency

Kim Nixon-Cave PT, PhD, PCS
Physical Therapy Program Director
901 Walnut Street
PT Department, Room 522
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Thomas Jefferson University and Magee Rehabilitation Hospital Neurologic Residency is accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association as a postprofessional residency program for physical therapists in Neurologic Physical Therapy.