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Health Sciences

Prepare for your professional medical or health career with support from Jefferson's (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) network of faculty-advisors.

The Health Sciences Program is a team of specialized advisors with first-hand insight in health and medical fields, who understands the academic pathway from college application through professional practice. Our advisors will help you stay on track each step of the way through your education and help you maximize your opportunities to pursue the field that will best fit your strengths and interests, from undergraduate course selection through graduate or doctoral placement.

Offering the most flexibility to meet your professional goals, you have three ways to pursue a Bachelor's of Science in Health Sciences at Jefferson:

Explore a wide spectrum of medical disciplines by faculty who are practicing health professionals, giving you insight and guidance into various medical careers and paths. Through a wide array of electives including psychology, nutrition, genetics, and public health, you can fulfill prerequisites for graduate programs.


Health Sciences Program

Health Sciences' Pathways at Jefferson

Jefferson offers a variety of medical and health programs, whereby you will adhere to a Health Sciences track as a foundation for your final professional degree.

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