Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Housing Selection for
Current Students

Housing Selection for current students for the 2019-2020 year will officially begin on
Monday, January 14, 2019. Housing Selection ends on Friday, March 29, 2019.




Timeline for Housing Selection:

Spring Term

January - March

During Housing Selection, current on-campus residents have the opportunity to Renew, Transfer (within or between residence halls), or Terminate a current housing agreement. Students can log onto the Housing Portal as of January 14, 2019 to complete the Housing Selection process. All current students must submit an application either to renew, transfer or terminate by March 29, 2019.

Renewing: Full time students have first priority to remain in the same space for the following year. If a resident in a two or three bedroom unit would like to renew their space, they must find a new roommate. The new roommate may be a returning student or incoming student. The original resident completes a renewal housing application on the Housing Portal. All roommates must be confirmed in the Housing Portal. The desired new roommate must complete a new housing application (if the individual will be a new resident) or a transfer application (if the individual is a current resident).

If a resident is over occupying a unit, all residents must renew the lease together to be elligble to over occupy that unit for the 19-20 year. If one resident applies to terminate, the other residents will not have the option to pull in another resident to replace that resident. Example: If three people reside in a two bedroom unit and one resident applies to terminate, the remaining residents may not pull in another roommate and may be subject to a rent increase. 

Transferring: Current residents who wish to transfer to another building or room within a residence hall  must complete a transfer application in the Housing Portal and then select yes as the appropriate option under the “Transfer Request” section of the online application. The application must be completed by March 29th to be eligible for a transfer.

Any residents over occupying a unit (example: three residents in a two bedroom) may not apply to transfer to another unit with the intention to over occupy that unit. Over occupancy is only an option for residents who are currently over occupying a space and wish to renew their same lease with the same roommates. 

Following the March 29th deadline, all students who requested to transfer will be placed into the transfer lottery to select their new apartment/room. Students will receive an email prior to the lottery with the date and timeframe they can log into the Housing Portal and select their new space. The transfer lottery will take place the week of April 8th. If the resident does not select a space during transfer lottery, the resident must complete a termination application.  

Terminating: Students who are graduating, moving off-campus or not returning to TJU should complete a Termination Application in the Housing Portal. Students residing in the Martin Residence have the option to terminate at the end of the Spring Term (May 31) or at the end of the Summer Term (June 30). All housing contracts for students living in either the Barringer or the Orlowitz Residence end on June 30th.

*Residents who are graduating have additional termination date options. Specific termination dates will be listed on the termination application.


The last business day in March is the final deadline for current residents to complete their housing application in the Housing Portal. After March 29th, the housing applications on the Housing Portal will no longer be available for students to access. Any student who does not complete a renewal, transfer or termination application will automatically forfeit their $500.00 security deposit.



Current Residents, who accept their transfer assignment, will move to the alternative space at a specific pre-determined date in the month of June (or July). Residents choosing to transfer from the Martin Residence Hall to the Barringer or Orlowitz Residence Hall will be required to submit a new security deposit made payable to Philadelphia Management Company. Residents choosing to transfer from the Orlowitz or Barringer Residence Hall to the Martin Residence Hall will be required to submit a new security deposit made payable to Thomas Jefferson University.