Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Title IX & Sexual Misconduct

A student who is a victim of sexual assault should call 811 (Campus Security) or 911 (Philadelphia Police Department). When a report of a sexual assault is made to University personnel (including RA's) on an emergency basis, Campus Security or other University personnel will escort the victim to a place of safety.

The University encourages victims of sexual misconduct to report what occurred so victims can get the support they need and the university can respond appropriately.  The Residence Life Staff has been trained to initially respond to incidents of sexual misconduct and be a resource for students affected by sexual misconduct. Due to the nature of the job responsibilities of the Residence Life staff, all incidents of sexual misconduct will be reported to Campus Security and the Title IX Coordinator.

The University will make every reasonable effort to preserve an individual’s privacy and protect the confidentiality of information it receives in connection with a report of Sexual Misconduct. The information reported will be shared only with individuals who assist or are otherwise involved in the investigation and/or resolution of the complaint, or who otherwise have a need to know about the complaint and/or its resolution.

For more information regarding Title IX, TJU's Sexual Misconduct Policy, and resources available for those affected by sexual misconduct, please refer to the Title IX & Sexual Misconduct website.