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Meet Your RAs

The 2017-2018 Residence Life Staff

Choosing to live on-campus is choosing to take part in community living at Jefferson University. One of the main components to building the community on-campus is the Resident Assistant (RA) staff. The Resident Assistant staff is made up of upperclassmen students who want to make your on-campus experience the best it can be! The RAs build community by planning and holding programming events throughout the year in the residence halls or around campus.

In addition to programming, the Resident Assistants are there to help answer questions, provide assistance or address any issues that may arise in the residence halls. There is always a member of the Resident Assistant staff on-duty, 24 hours a day/7 days a week, in case of an emergency.

Below you will find a list of the student staff members who you will meet upon arrival.

Barringer Residence Staff


Baringer Residence
Contact Danielle

Danielle is the Resident Assistant for     floors 6 thru 10 in the Barringer Residence.

Danielle is a 2nd year Medical student who is originally from Philadelphia (feel free to knock on her door for tips and recommendations about the city!). She enjoys traveling around the world, reading novels, watching an ever-growing list of shows on Netflix, and Zumba fitness. Danielle worked for a while before coming to medical school and loves to meet people from different backgrounds- come say hello!

Patrick - no photo available

Barringer Residence
Contact Patrick

Patrick is the Resident Assistant for           floors 2 thru 5 in the Barringer Residence.

Patrick is a 3rd year Pharmacy student from Jackson, New Jersey. He enjoys playing tennis, basketball, and volleyball, but he also finds great joy in just relaxing and watching Netflix or playing PlayStation. Patrick enjoys riddles, puzzles, and other brain-teasers. He always loves to meet new people and have a good time so feel free to stop by and say hello!

Martin Residence Staff


Martin Residence
Contact Abby

Abby is the Resident Assistant for   the seventh floor in the Martin Residence.

Abby is a 2nd year pharmacy student from Assonet, Massachusetts. Before coming to TJU, she graduated with a BS in Chemistry from Stony Brook University. Abby loves cooking, nature, and making new friends. Feel free to stop by and say hello any time!

Clara - no photo available

Martin Residence
Contact Clara

Clara is the Resident Assistant for the         sixth floor in the Martin Residence.

Clara is a 3rd year Physical Therapy student who went to Colgate University and is from South Jersey. She loves to spend time with friends, ask strangers if she can pet their dogs, and find places where she can go swimming on a hot day. She also loves to read Jodi Picoult books and watch Parks and Rec to decompress after a night of studying. Clara loves to make new friends, so please feel free to stop by her room at any time!

Jamie - no photo available

Martin Residence
Contact Jamie

Jamie is the Resident Assistant for the eighth floor in the Martin Residence.

Jamie is a 3rd year Pharmacy student from Baltimore, MD. She enjoys playing volleyball, reading, and watching movies. She currently works at CVS as an intern, and spends her free time shopping or listening to country music. Her door is always open, so feel free to stop by and say hi!


Martin Residence
Contact Khalid

Khalid is the Resident Assistant for the    third floor in the Martin Residence.

Khalid is a 4th year pharmacy student. He was born in Amman, Jordan, raised in Kano, Nigeria, and lived in Baltimore, MD before moving to Philadelphia. Khalid speaks Arabic, Hausa (North Nigerian language), and English. He takes pleasure in traveling the world and experiencing new cultures and food. He is also an athlete that stays active by playing soccer, running, and hiking. Khalid is a huge Baltimore Orioles & Ravens fan and enjoys cheering for both teams. He is also a fan of John Grisham books and reading as much as possible, in addition to watching many shows on Netflix. Khalid also enjoys his work as a pharmacy intern at Old City Pharmacy.

Kyle - no photo available

Martin Residence
Contact Kyle

Kyle is the Resident Assistant for the            fifth floor in the Martin Residence.

Kyle is a 3rd year pharmacy student from Alburtis, Pennsylvania. He went to Saint Joseph's University and has lived in the city for 5 years. He enjoys watching any sporting event but especially college basketball. Kyle is a die heart Duke fan and loves talking about sports with new people. Feel free to stop by any time!

Jilian - no photo available

Martin Residence
Contact Sabrina

Sabrina is the Resident Assistant for the  fourth floor in the Martin Residence.

Sabrina is a 2nd year post-baccalaureate student originally from Malvern, PA. She graduated with a BA in Economics from McGill University and worked in finance before joining the Jefferson community. When she’s not in the library or the lab she can be found rowing on the Schuylkill River or hanging out with friends. Feel free to stop by to talk about Game of Thrones, food, or anything really!

Orlowitz Residence Staff

Aaron - no photo available

Orlowitz Residence
Contact Aaron

Aaron is the Resident Assistant for floors 16 thru 20 in the Orlowitz Residence.

Aaron is a 3rd year Occupational Therapy student who previously attended Bloomsburg University. He enjoys playing soccer, basketball, fishing, and hiking. Aaron also likes to read autobiographies and watch Netflix TV shows.


Orlowitz Residence
Contact Jordyn

Jordyn is the Resident Assistant for floors    1 thru 5 in the Orlowitz Residence.

Jordyn is a 3rd year medical student originally from Arizona and now Ocean, NJ. Jordyn was an RA for two years at UPenn, and she is so excited to join the TJU family! When she’s not in the library, she can usually be found breaking character with NoRx improv, singing/beatboxing with the Arrhythmias (or really, at all times), sending out weekly emails for Student Council, or sweating it out at Zumba! Feel free to stop by to talk about country music, great books, movies from the 80s, life at Jefferson, or the meaning of life itself. And if you are ever in need of a patient ear, an understanding friend, or a campfire guitarist for your jam sesh, don’t hesitate to knock on her door!


Orlowitz Residence
Contact Nick

Nick is the Resident Assistant for floors     11 thru 15 in the Orlowitz Residence.

Nick is a 3rd year pharmacy student from Bergen County, NJ. He has his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Montclair State University. Nick currently works at CVS/Careplus in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He likes to spend time doing anything active or outside especially if it involves any type of sport. Nick is a big baseball fan and tries to get to as many games as possible, although he is usually rooting for the Phillies to lose because the Washington Nationals are his team. Nick is extremely competitive and likes to try his luck at Kan Jam, Cornhole, or even Quizzo... so if you need an extra, he's your man! Feel free to knock at the door if you ever need anything or just want some company! 


Orlowitz Residence
Contact Sara

Sara is the Resident Assistant for floors        6 thru 10 in the Orlowitz Residence.

Sara is a 4th year pharmacy student and was born and raised in Ethiopia and has lived in three different states before coming to Philly. Sara loves watching movies, TV shows, exploring around the city and trying different cuisines in addition to watching MMA fights and soccer! Sara LOVES to meet new people from different programs and cultures!