Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Women's Oncologic Health Program
(Breast & Gynecologic Malignancies)

Dr. Russell Schilder was recruited from Fox Chase Cancer Center to lead the gynecologic malignancy oncology program. Dr. Schilder is an international expert in gynecologic malignancies, drug development and a leader in the Gynecology Oncology Group. He was also appointed Assistant Director in the Kimmel Cancer Center Translation Research program to lead the development of novel therapeutic targets. Dr. Schilder will work closely with Drs. Christine Brill (Surgery), Norman Rosenblum (Gynecologic Oncology) and Rani Anne (Radiation Oncology) to establish multidisciplinary treatments. Dr. Rebecca Jaslow is the acting director of the Breast Oncology program within the Department of Medical Oncology. Dr. Jaslow has been working to develop the multi-disciplinary clinics with radiation oncology and breast surgery.  Further recruitment for a senior breast leader is underway.