Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University


Studies Presently Being Done in the Department of OB/GYN

  1. A Multi-center Study to Establish the Utility of CerviLenz™ as a Predictor of Short Cervical Length and Preterm Delivery in the Mid-Second Trimester of Pregnancy (CL-1003)
    Principal Investigator: Jason K. Baxter, MD, MSCP
    Open for recruitment of women with risk factors for preterm birth.
  2. A Phase 3B Multi-Center, Randomized, Double-blind Study of Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate Injection, 250 mg/ml, vs. Vehicle for the Prevention of Preterm Birth in Women with a Previous Singleton Spontaneous Preterm Delivery
    Principal Investigator: Jason K. Baxter, MD, MSCP
    Open for recruitment of women who have a history of preterm birth and need to be on progesterone injections.
  3. Comparison of Incision Closure Technique Post-Cesarean (CROSS Study)
    Principal Investigators: Dhanya Mackeen, MD, MPH and Vincenzo Berghella, MD
    Open for recruitment of women requiring a cesarean delivery. Patients are randomized to either staples or sutures at the time of the delivery.
  4. Evaluation of Additive Effect of Quantitative Fetal Fibronectin in Short Cervical Length for Prediction of Spontaneous Preterm Birth
    Principle Investigators: Sushma Potti, MD and Jason Baxter, MD, MSCP
    Study is pending and will begin in July.
  5. Chorionic Villus Sampling for Genetic Diagnosis of Early Pregnancy Loss
    Principal Investigator: Sara Nicholas, MD
  6. Improving IUD Discontinuation Rates: A Pilot Study Principal Investigators: Abigail Wolf, MD and Beth Schwartz, MD
  7. Risk of Intrapartum Cervical Lacerations in Relation to Cerclage Placement
    Principal Investigator: Vincenzo Berghella, MD
  8. Second Trimester Cervical Length and Delivery Outcome at Term
    Principal Investigators: Vincenzo Berghella, MD, Dhanya Mackeen, MD
  9. Fetal TEI Index and Diabetes in Pregnancy
    Principal Investigators: Sushma Potti, MD, Stuart Weiner, MD and Dennis Wood, RDMS
  10. Ultrasound indicated cerclage and subsequent pregnancy outcomes based on type of cerclage Principal Investigators: Sushma Potti, MD and Vincenzo Berghella, MD
  11. Cervical length and risk of antepartum hemorrhage in presence of low-lying placenta
    Principal Investigators: Vincenzo Berghella, MD and Sushma Potti, MD
  12. Comparison of 1 versus 2 stitches at the time of transvaginal cervical cerclage for preterm birth prevention
    Principal Investigator: Maria Giraldo-Isaza, MD