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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Critical developments of 2017: a review of the literature from selected topics in transfusion. A committee report from the AABB Clinical Transfusion Medicine Committee
  2. Safety of the use of group A plasma in trauma: the STAT study
  3. I am Cait, and I am a transgender blood donor
  4. Statistical literacy among academic pathologists: A survey study to gauge knowledge of frequently used statistical tests among trainees and faculty
  5. Cost of Purchased Versus Produced Plasma from Donor Recruitment Through Transfusion
  6. Does therapeutic plasma exchange have a role in the treatment of prosthetic hip–associated cobalt toxicity? A case report and literature review
  7. Myositis is a category IV indication for plasmapheresis
  8. Transfusion-related acute lung injury in an era of TRALI risk mitigation
  9. Transfusion medicine on American television
  10. Lymphangioma of the palatine tonsil
  11. Pulse granuloma involving Meckel's diverticulum: A case report and literature review
  12. Conversion to low transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI)-risk plasma significantly reduces TRALI
  13. Transfusion medicine in American undergraduate medical education
  14. International variation in volunteer whole blood donor eligibility criteria
  15. Blood transfusion: Preoperative considerations and complications
  16. Acute renal failure with hemolysis in a D-mismatched transfusion recipient treated with RhIG