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Program of Study

The first year of study is mainly devoted to course work in mammalian physiology, neuroscience and general biochemistry. Each first year student rotates through several faculty laboratories during the course of the first year. Through this experience, the student becomes acquainted with ongoing research in departmental laboratories and gains practical experience in solving specific research problems. These laboratory rotations facilitate the selection of a thesis advisor and eventual course of research. When this decision is made, that laboratory remains the center of his or her activity, and continues until all advanced study, research, and thesis are completed.

During the second through fourth years, the student takes advanced courses that cover several major areas of physiology in depth, as well as advanced courses offered by other departments. The comprehensive examination is generally scheduled during the second year of study. At that time, the student and advisor identify a specific area of research for the student. The student obtains pilot data and selects a thesis advisory committee, chaired by the advisor. Teaching experience is acquired when the graduate students assist in the computer labs for first year medical students.

Throughout each year of study, the student joins faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and other graduate students in journal clubs, informal working research seminars, and formal research seminars presented by invited speakers. The various programs provide a forum for the exchange of scientific ideas of current interest, and through open discussion, introduces the students to constructive scientific dialogue. The seminar series is required of all students during each year of study, and they receive 1 credit for the fall semester and 2 credits for the spring semester. In the second or third year of study, each student is required to submit a literature review on a topic of his or her choice. This exercise requires the student to complete a search of the important literature in a specific area and to prepare a scholarly comprehensive review.



Marion J. Seigman
Chair & Professor
Department of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics

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