Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University


Supervised practice in our diverse array of settings and clinical experiences designed into our curriculum prepare residents for independent practice in any clinical setting. Our plan of clinical rotations is dynamic and has been designed to maximize residency education. Each year the faculty carefully evaluates our residents' rotation experiences and refines our curriculum based on the feedback of residents and faculty members’ assessment of the curriculum’s effectiveness in meeting educational goals.

    – PGY-1
    – PGY-2
    – PGY-3
    – PGY-4

PGY-1 Curriculum
Inpatient Medicine or Pediatrics 3 Months
Emergency Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (TJUH) 1 Month
Neurology 2 Months
General Inpatient Psychiatry at TJUH 3 Months
Inpatient Geriatric Psychiatry at TJUH 2 Months
Emergency Psychiatry at Albert Einstein Medical Center 1 Months
Vacation 2 Weeks
PGY-2 Curriculum
General Inpatient Psychiatry at TJUH 2 Months
General Inpatient Psychiatry at Bryn Mawr Hospital 2 Months
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Inpatient and Partial Hospital Service
at Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment Community Hospital
2 Months
Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry 4 Months
Addiction Psychiatry 2 Months
Vacation 4 Weeks
PGY-3 Curriculum
Outpatient Psychiatry 12 Months
Adult Outpatient Services at TJUH 70%
Community Mental Health at COMHAR CMHC or Wilmington VA Medical Center 20%
Psychopharmacology Clinic at TJUH 10%
Vacation 4 Weeks
PGY-4 Curriculum
Outpatient Psychiatry at TJUH Clinic 12 Months:  60%
Electives 12 Months:  40%
Vacation 4 Weeks