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American-Bosnian Ultrasound Center
(Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Vanesa Beslagic, MD

Affiliate Center Director:
Vanesa Beslagic, MD

The Affiliate Center Director is Vanesa Beslagic, MD. Dr. Beslagic graduated at Medical Faculty, University of Sarajevo, and completed her residency in diagnostic radiology at the Institute of Radiology, University Clinical Center, Sarajevo. Dr. Beslagic participated in a three month fellowship at JUREI in 1998 and returned for an additional one month Program Director fellowship in 1999.

Educational Programming Opportunities

The American-Bosnian Ultrasound Center was established in 1999. The Center is planning to organize courses in several areas of diagnostic ultrasound including Breast, Abdominal and Superficial Structures. We hope to collaborate successfully in educational, clinical and research activities with JUREI and with other JUREI Affiliate Centers in the region.

The American-Bosnian Ultrasound Center will operate at the Institute of Radiology at the University Clinical Center Sarajevo. The Institute is directed by Prof. Dr. Faruk Dalagija. University Clinical Center Sarajevo is the largest and oldest university hospital in Bosnia & Herzegovina and provides services in all fields of medical care. It is also a major center for research projects and education.

Contact Information

Vanesa Beslagic, MD
Institute of Radiology
University Clinical Center Sarajevo
71000 Sarajevo
Bolnicka 25
Bosnia & Herzegovina

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