Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Centro De Estudos Radiológicos Rafael De Barros
(São Paulo, Brazil)

Affiliate Center Director
Professor Giovanni Guido Cerri, Chairman

Educational Programming Opportunities

The Advanced Courses in Ultrasonography (Imaging Diagnostic) are planned in order to supply the constant demand of qualified professionals in the field of Ultrasonography (Imaging Diagnostic).

Due to the increasing degree of US complexity as a consequence of the fast development of new equipment and of advanced techniques, the importance of full and constant specialization of the physicians with perspectives of broadening the imaging diagnostic investigation limits has been brought about. Thus the contents of the courses are designed to comprise all technical particularities and innovations in all US specialized areas.

The Affiliated Center "Centro de Estudos Radiológicos Rafael de Barros" offer courses on several different areas of imaging diagnostic:

  • US Fetal Morphology - Dr. Ayrton Pastore and Dr. Sérgio Kobayashi
  • Color Doppler Peripheral Vascular - Professor. Lászlo Molnár and Dr. Joseph E. Benabou
  • Duplex Color Doppler in Internal Medicine - Professor. Giovanni Guido Cerri and Professor Ilka Regina S. de Oliveira
  • Duplex Doppler in Gynecology and Obstetrics - Dr. Ayrton Pastore
  • Tutorial of Birads - Professor Nestor de Barros and Dr. Flávio Spinola
  • Thoracic CT - Dr. Jorge Kavakama
  • Skeletal muscle system US - Dr. Renato Sernik
  • Bone Densitometry - Dr. Aurélio Borelli and Dr. Edson Arioli
  • US of superficial structures with fine needle aspiration punction - Dr. Osmar de C. Saito and Dr. René Gehard
  • Digestive Tract Imaging Diagnostic - Dr. Manoel de Souza Rocha
  • Head and Neck Imaging Diagnostic - Dr. Eloísa Gebrim and Dr. Regina Lúcia E. Gomes

Brief Highlights

Since 19th January, 1999 , the "Centro de Estudos Radiológicos Rafael de Barros" of the Institute of Radiology, (Hospital das Clínicas - Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo) has become an affiliated center to the Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Institute (JUREI) of Thomas Jefferson University. From that date on, this partnership agreement has permitted a scientific exchange between these two educational institutions through the organization of courses, symposia, conferences, meetings and by promoting the divulgence of technological and scientific knowledge in the field of imaging diagnosis.

Contact Information

Av. Dr. Enéas de Carvalho Aguiar, 255 – sala 2.12 Cep 05403 - 900
São Paulo, SP, Brazil
+55 11 3069 7067


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