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Budapest Ultrasound Center (Budapest, Hungary)

Affiliate Center Director

Zoltan Harkanyi, MD, PhD

Affiliate Center Director:
Zoltan Harkanyi, MD, PhD

Zoltan Harkanyi, MD, PhD has worked as a radiologist and researcher at Thomas Jefferson University and has been recognized as an adjunct assistant professor of the University since 1991. He is the course director of most of the courses at BUC, and is president of the Ultrasound Section of the Society of Hungarian Radiologists.

Date Center Established

August, 1996


Zita Morvay MD, PhD
Zsuzsa Jakab, MD
Frigyes Humml
Krisztina Nahm, MD
Istvan Szabo, MD, PhD

Andras Palko, MD, PhD
Gyorgy Balazs, MD
Miklos Barta, MD
Andrea Arany, MD
Attila Kollar, MD

Educational Programming Opportunities

  • Color Doppler Ultrasound
  • Interventional Ultrasound Techniques
  • Ultrasound Contrast Studies


Budapest Ultrahang CentrumBudapest Ultrahang Centrum
- Color Doppler 2002
Ultra SzonografiaUltra Szonografia
(with CD-ROM)

Contact Information

Budapest Ultrasound Center
Ulloi ut 86. 1089
Budapest, Hungary

36-1-459-9150 fax

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