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Educational Center of Ultrasonography
(Katowice, Poland)

Zbigniew Kalina, MD

Affiliate Center Director:
Zbigniew Kalina, MD

Zbigniew Kalina, MD, head of II Clinic of Internal Diseases, Silesian University College of Medicine, specialist in internal medicine; President, Polish Ultrasound Society, 1991; authored and co-authored 200 papers including 51 in ultrasound; author of Diagnostic Ultrasound of Internal Diseases and editor and translator of the Polish edition of Manual of Diagnostic Ultrasound by P.E.S. Palmer. Dr. Kalina has delivered numerous lectures on abdominal ultrasound and vascular Doppler ultrasound, especially on Doppler evaluation or portal hypertension; editorial board member of Polish Ultrasonography , Acta Endoscopica Palona, and Postgraduate Medicine Poland. In 1995, Dr. Kalina organized an international meeting on Doppler ultrasound in Katowice.


Joanna Scieszka, MD, Program Director
Andrzej Nowicki, PhD
Jerzey Ihnatowicz, PhD
Jan Baron, MD
Dariusz Tokarz, MD

Educational Programming Opportunities

The Educational Center of Ultrasonography was established in 1996 and is located at II Clinic of Internal Diseases of the Silesian University College of Medicine. The Center provides one-week courses in abdominal and vascular ultrasound. One-day courses are also available, in conjunction with the Polish Ultrasound Society, to improve physicians proficiency in various areas of diagnostic ultrasound.

Contact Information

Professor Zbigniew Kalina
Silesian University College of Medicine
Katowice-Ligota, Poland

4832-1525663 fax

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