Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Ultrasound Academic

Tuition: $125/day, $600 for the 1st week, $500 for each additional week up to one month, $400 per week thereafter.

For the individual primarily interested in intensive academic study of ultrasound, the academic fellowship provides access to our teaching materials including video recordings of all our courses and the daily resident/fellow conferences. During the academic visiting fellowship of two weeks or longer, the fellow may attend regularly scheduled JUREI ultrasound courses at no additional cost*. Course hands-on sessions are not included.  Hands-on may be taken, but it is a separate registration with no discount. Most of our Academic Fellows plan their visit to incorporate one or more live courses and supplement this by viewing recorded courses in the same or other areas of ultrasound.  The Academic Visiting Fellowship does not include access to the clinical facilities and is available only for ultrasound.   

A reduced tuition of $500 for the first week and $300 for each additional week is available to individuals practicing in a country that appears on the United Nations List of Least Developed Countries (  

*Excludes the Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Course