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Resident Research Day


On June 14, the Department hosted Resident Research Day 2018. Seven research year residents presented their work following opening remarks by Director of Surgical Research Jonathan Brody, PhD. In 2018, this group of 7 general surgery residents submitted more than 100 publications, presentations, and abstracts.



fileResearch residents (from left to right): Katerina Dukleska, MD, Brock Hewitt, MD, Jessica Latona, MD,
Andrew Brown, MD, Allison Aka, MD.
(Not pictured: Adam Johnson MD, Cinthya Yabar Lowder MD, David McKeown MD.)


Jefferson researchers

Drs. Sami Tannouri, Danica Giugliano, Adam Johnson, Talar Tatarian, Caitlyn Costanzo, Deepika Koganti, and Adam Strickland presented their research on June 2, 2016.

Each Spring the research year residents present their work. In 2016, this group of 7 general surgery residents produced more than 100 publications, presentations, and abstracts.

View their presentations online:

Caitlyn Costanzo, MD "Is Omega-3 Synergistic with Glucagon-Like Peptide-2 in the Treatment of Intestinal Failure?"
Danica Giugliano, MD "Management of Esophagectomy Patients: Clinical Results from Jefferson's Institutional Database"
Adam Johnson, MD  "Quality and Safety Fellowship: Resident Involvement in Systems Improvement"
Deepika Koganti, MD  "Fibrosis in Surgical and Burn Wounds"
Adam Strickland, MD  "The Role of HuR in the Intervertebral Disc"
Sami Tannouri, MD  "ABCC6 is Sufficient to Prevent Traumatic Mineralization of Muscle in a Murine Model"
Talar Tatarian, MD  "Developing a Personalized Approach Strategy for the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer"
Charles J. Yeo, MD

Charles J. Yeo, MD
Chair, Department of Surgery
Samuel D. Gross Professor

Karen Chojnacki, MD

Karen Chojnacki, MD
Program Director


Francesco Palazzo, MD
Associate Program Director


Joshua Marks, MD
Assistant Program Director


Donna Guinto, CTAGME
Program Coordinator

We participate in the National Residency Match Program and utilize the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).

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