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"The PACE program allowed me to have the confidence of knowing where I would end up and the chance to experience an additional college in the process. The faculty and staff at Jefferson kept in contact with me through my first two years and were so helpful when I ran into 'snags' with my courses. They really want us to succeed here at Jefferson and will listen to your questions and concerns no matter how little you think they are."
– Erin Hartman, RN, Class of 2006

PACE student Nick

Nick – Traditional Prelicensure BSN 
Holy Ghost Prep '09
Bucks County Community College '11
Thomas Jefferson University '13

While attending an all-boys private high school, I wasn't too sure where I wanted to pursue a college career. I didn't have any traumatic medical experiences growing up, nor did anyone in my family (thank goodness), but perhaps the idea of nursing seemed "cool" to me. My mom has been a nurse forever, but that wasn't my deciding factor. A few of my advisors helped me find the information about the PACE program at TJU and the rest is history.

I really got involved in health care while I was taking my prerequisite courses. I had some extra time on my hands and was getting bored of the barista world (I made your "triple grande caramel macchiatos"). So, I did what most logical college kids would do and took an extra class to become a certified Emergency Medical Technician. It was during this time that I started seeing different medical issues and assisting paramedics in treating these problems. My love of emergency medicine was born and I've never looked back on my decision to be a nurse.

PACE has been so great to me. I had opportunities to meet faculty and students even before I took a class at Jefferson. I feel like this almost gave me a "one-up" so to speak because I started as a junior knowing a ton of people already. The entire time I was a Jefferson PACE student, I had a Jefferson email, campus key, received invitations to various events, and was always kept in the loop. I even got to observe and fly on JeffSTAT, Jefferson's medical helicopter with a flight nurse and paramedic... twice!

Overall, Jefferson is the best choice I ever made. I'm being taught by some of the most intelligent nurses in the area, given opportunities that are not seen at any other school and receiving more support on a daily basis than I ever thought was possible.