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Multivariate Growth Curve Mixture

Results from a two-class multivariate growth curve model. Mean difference in latent symptom scores between treatment and placebo arms with 95% pointwise credible intervals for ‘nonresponders’ (left) and ‘responder’ (right). Positive values indicate that the treatment arm has less severe symptoms.

I am a Biostatistician with over 15 years of experience with the analysis and interpretation of data from biomedical and epidemiological studies. I have collaborated widely with basic scientists, clinicians and epidemiologists in cancer, psychiatry, ophthalmology, and rehabilitation medicine, among many specialties. My collaborative work has included special interest in outcome prediction using biomarkers in cancer and tracking of depression measures in psychiatry. My statistical methodological interests are focused mainly in the area of latent class, latent variable, and structural equation models. 



Benjamin Leiby, PhD
Associate Professor

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