Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Research Projects

Research Projects

Interests include development of RF and microwave heating systems, new thermal dosimetry techniques and non-invasive deep tissue temperature monitoring approaches. Among others, past work includes “funded projects” in the areas of:

Research on superficial heat applicators

  • “Radiometry controlled conformal array heat applicator”
  • “Conformal applicator for simultaneous heat and brachytherapy”
  • Conformal waterbolus for improved coupling of microwaves to contoured anatomy
  • Microwave ring radiator for small animal hyperthermia treatments

Research on non-invasive thermal monitoring

  •  “High density thermal monitoring sheet for contoured surfaces”
  •  “Non-invasive VUR detection with microwave radiometry”
  •  “Miniature deep thermal imager for continuous monitoring of BAT metabolism”
  • “A novel low-cost and noninvasive device to measure deep temperature in the body”
  •  “Conformal array microwave radiometer thermometry device”
  • Magnetic resonance thermal imaging for treatment monitoring and control

Research on external magnetic induction heating

  • “Biocompatible polymer tumor bed implant for thermobrachytherapy of cancer”
  •  “Interstitial hyperthermia via induction heating of ferromagnetic seeds”
  •  “Ferromagnetic nanoparticle thermo-chemo-immunotherapy for bladder cancer

Research on enhancing tumor oxygenation, drug delivery, and radiation sensitivity

  • “Oxygen microbubbles for overcoming hypoxic tumor resistance to radiotherapy”
  • “Hyperthermia and Perfusion Effects in Cancer Therapy”
  • “Improved Delivery of Pharmaceuticals to Breast Cancer”